3 February 2005

Beverley George of Yellow Moon wins haibun prize

Important Announcement: The Winner of the R. H. Blyth Award 2004 - HA IBUN
from: Susumu Takiguchi
Chairman, The World Haiku Club

The World Haiku Club is pleased to announce the winner of the Third R. H.
Blyth Award 2004 - HAIBUN:

Gathering Coke by Beverley George of Australia

Beverley is awarded £300 (British Pounds) for this excellent haibun.

* * *
The two runners-up are (in no order of merit):
The Speleologist by Arthur Woods Seeley of Great Britain
Tribute to The Gods by Allen McGill of USA, resident in Mexico

* * * *
The seven Honourable Mentions are (in no order of merit):
Every Step by Bruce Ross of USA
A Breeze From Yucatan by Robert F. Mainone of USA
Blessed spring by Norman Darlington of Ireland
Istanbul by Adelaide B. Shaw of USA
Along the White Trail by Zhanna P. Rader of USA
Late Snow by Lynn Edge of USA
No Title by Michael Chasty of Canada, resident in the UK

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