3 January 2017

Anne Kellas and Ben Walter in conversation at Fullers Bookshop

Here's the transcript of the Fullers Bookshop conversation between myself and poet Ben Walter: thanks to Ralph Wessman of the online journal, Communion

Thank you everyone for joining us this evening for a discussion about poetry, with Anne Kellas. Anne's an interesting, kind, generous person, always a pleasure to have a conversation with. When I finally sat down to a much-delayed reading of Anne's new poetry collection, The White Room Poems, I started to regret in some ways - just a little - having agreeing so glibly to take part in a conversation with Anne ... not because I was disappointed in the book at all, but because I wondered if I'd be equal to it. There are times when you read the work of many of Tassie's fine poets when you're simply transfixed by the quality of the work they're doing.... I get that sometimes with Tim Thorne, Sarah Day or many of the poets I see in this room. And certainly - absolutely - I had it in this case with The White Room Poems. So, first I wanted to congratulate you Anne, it's a very fine collection of poetry. And I think some of it had its genesis here in Fullers Bookshop ... 

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