22 December 2015

A poetry society has been formed at the University of Tasmania

In March 2015, a group of people got together to turn the Facebook group, Poetry at UTAS, into a Tasmanian University Union affiliated society. The newly formed poetry society will have places for associate members (alumni and friends of the University of Tasmania).

In this photo: David Warren (voted in as the new society's president), Sarah Louise Bee, Max Bladel (new coordinator of Silver Words now held at Tasman Quartermasters),  James Kade Madden, Alan Taylor (the new society's poet in residence), Sarah Charlotte, Priya Elizabeth, Kerralee Orr, Lena Lashin, Anne Kellas, Nicolas Dewey and Mark Glidden. Also present: Emily Mason. 

"... more than a writer"

"The moment when I am no longer more than a writer, I will cease to write."

This statement by Albert Camus became Nadine Gordimer's credo. In The Essential gesture: Writing, politics and places (Penguin, 1988, p.288) she also cites Roland Barthes' statement that a writer's work is his "essential gesture as a social being".

29 November 2015

Anne Kellas's new book, The White Room Poems

Now available:

by Anne Kellas
was launched officially on 16 December 2015 at Hobart Bookshop.

You can buy it now for $20 from Walleah Press
or Hobart Bookshop, Fullers Bookshop
and online through Amazon.

9 November 2015

Launch: 16 Dec 2015 at Hobart Bookshop, 5:30 pm

The White Room Poems will take your breath and your heart away, and they might not return them. 
We long for poetry that was never likely to be made, and now miraculously made, we would not want to change a word of it. This poetry is like that. It is a township of birds, an alphabet of clouds, a rain of wondrous phrases that will take you to the unbearable fringes where
Tonight’s train goes by, 
sounds like a wounded beast. 
In the heart of the night, 
everything holds its breath.
The White Room Poems are a mother’s poems to the son she has lost to the softly drug. How is it possible that they can be so beautiful and strong when they are so lost in this young man’s cloud of unbeing? These poems never flinch, but that makes them even more fragile. These poems never stop singing in speech but that does not lift them from their stern night. These poems press on into the reader’s heart, into anyone who has loved, into any parent who recognizes what this kind of loss might, just might, sound like if it was made into poetry.”
 Kevin Brophy 

"I love the spare, fearless, tender voice of these poems, its play of intellect and dream, 'with always the music hidden in the order of it'.
I light a candle, trembling when I set it down, 
this dancing, 
breathing thing.
"You feel you would follow this voice anywhere.  These poems, won out of grief and daring, wondrously sing and shine."
 Pam Schindler

No-one is a tourist to loss. The White Room Poems will devastate and reawaken you. Anne Kellas shapes barely audible sounds of grief into bell-like clarity. This book would shake a mountain to its core.

 Ivy Alvarez

"I've read a lot of Anne's poetry and have sung some in settings by Australian composers. Hers is a unique voice, and one I love. It's direct, personal and raw. These poems are filled with music, with harmony, through the layering of idea on idea. It's a journey that leaves you thinking about your own path while giving you a very moving insight into her own."
– Michael Lampard, Australian baritone

"It is difficult for a poet to learn from Paul Celan and remain a poet. AndrĂ© du Bouchet is one, and Anne Kellas is another. It is perhaps even more difficult for a poet to learn, as poet, from intense grief: The White Room Poems is a sanctuary where such grief is realized while also continuing to ache."
– Kevin Hart

"The White Room Poems take us down into the valley of the shadow of death, but gently, where grief and love are intertwined, and where all of us, inevitably, must go. Here is a poet who knows that poetry speaks the unspeakable, when no other language will do."
 Lisa Jacobson (author of South in the World)

“Through the use of elliptical lines and concise, often surprising imagery, Kellas has forged a set of poems which interrogate both livelihood and language while remaining true to the lyric groundswell from which they spring.  Her unerring focus on place and experience is simultaneously precise and visionary, and makes The White Room Poems a reading experience to savour.” 
– Kelwyn Sole

Writing poetry, a spring school unit at the University of Tasmania

"Writing poetry" – a spring school unit at the University of Tasmania – starts this Wednesday and I'm delighted to be teaching it again.

The unit is held over 5 weeks, with 2 two-hour classes on Wednesday and Friday mornings.

There's still time to enrol. 
Inquiries: contact Dr Lisa Fletcher, ph. 03 6226 1725
Department of the Arts and Humanities

Short story competitions to enter in 2019

Thanks to the Australian Writers Centre, here's a list of s hort story competitions to enter in 2019: https://www.writerscentre.com.au/...