26 August 2013

Reading for pleasure, reading for writing and reading for publication

Reading for pleasure, reading for writing and reading for publication

This brief article by David Musgrave about the poetry of J K Murphy, Les Murray and John Kinsella makes conscious the processes we as poets adopt when "reading" poetry.

"... where is the cutting edge? Where is the poetic wave breaking? There is no pat answer to this, but being at least aware of the question I try to read as widely as I can and (whether or not I like them) I am familiar with many different schools and styles of poetry. Having published on post-modernism, deconstruction and linguistic theory as well as having read widely in those areas, I am able to rely to a certain extent on some theoretical underpinnings to my judgements, but inevitably there will be gaps. Moreover, with two hundred or so books of poetry being published in Australia each year, it is nigh-on impossible for an individual to keep abreast of all developments in Australian, let alone English,language poetry. What would help?"
Musgrave's "notes" go a long way towards answering these and other questions. The article is at:

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