30 March 2012

Vale Adrienne Rich

Sadly, Adrienne Rich has died. I heard this from poet Andrew Burke last night.

One of my most favourite books on writing is her book, "What is found there: Notebooks on poetry and politics" ... of which Nadine Gordimer had said:

"In her vision of warning and her celebration of life, Adrienne Rich is the Blake of American letters"

 I must confess I did not like her final collection, Telephone Ringing in the Labyrinth: Poems 2004-2006, Norton (New York, NY 2007)  But perhaps that is just my taste. It felt unfinished, as if I were reading unedited notebooks. Maybe that was her intention. I need to find that out.

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Laurel Lamperd said...

I didn't know that Adrienne Rich had passed away. I enjoyed her poetry.Laurel