30 March 2012

Andrew Burke: Undercover of lightness, New and Selected Poems (Walleah Press)

WA poet and academic Andrew Burke's latest collection, Undercover of lightness, New and Selected Poems, is the first cab off the rank for Ralph Wessman's new-look Walleah Press poetry series. It was launched in Tasmania last night at the Hobart Bookshop.

"Here is a poet to hail and to treasure" says Thomas Shapcott in the cover notes, which also have tributes from poets as diverse as Geoff Page, Jill Jones and Kit Kelen.

Now that Ralph Wessman is no longer going to be editing the valiant small magazine, famous reporter, he's focusing on poetry books and his list already sounds pretty full. This is an excellent start to his new endeavour. http://walleahpress.com.au/

1 comment:

Andrew said...

Thanks for this, Anne - I hadn't seen it until now! Hope to catch up again one day ...

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