24 May 2009

Revival of North of the Latte Line

For the past 3 weeks, I have been experimenting with Twitter. Then I went to a presentation by Ivan Herman and Mike(tm) Smith of the World Wide Web consortium's W3C (Web standards committee) and suddenly the world looks different.

Importantly, it looks do-able. The problems of disparate web documents, creating pages, managing different web spaces and trying to keep it all together, will be – I think – a thing of the past one of these days; the difficulties dissipate as I slowly understand how the world of the web is undergoing yet another evolution. That evolution brings new technologies and for me they seem as groundbreaking as the mid-90s, as the days of the early browsers, the days of the browser wars ...

The ones I am watching are:

Let's see how all this helps revitalise work on The Write Stuff!

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20 May 2009

Our Digital Island will be archiving The Write Stuff

Our Digital Island will be archiving this site. To ensure long term access to the content on The Write Stuff, North of the Latte Line and Roaring Forties Press, I have asked the State Library to include those sites in their project, Our Digital Island. The first "capture" of those sites will be taking place shortly. Regards, Anne.

5 May 2009

The Write Stuff

I cannot maintain this blog and for The Write Stuff any longer.

As you will appreciate, creating and uploading new content takes time, a lot of time. Imagine trying to maintain the 40 sections of the Showcase of Tasmanian poetry and to update them with new content, edit the aged content and to create new poet pages into eternity. Over the years, it turned me into a web site provider for 40 poets, providing, in most cases, their only web presence. Most of them need an update to their section, showing their new prizes, new, books etc.

Over the years, one of the services I provided via that Showcase was postman – very often, lazy visitors who couldn't be bothered to use a telephone book or write to a writer's centre would write in saying they wanted to get in touch with one of the poets they met in the year dot and wanted to say hi. In some cases, it was a publisher who urgently needed to contact their author: that happened at least twice. I don't mind, but the sheer volume of the site has taken its toll.

When our younger son died almost three years ago, I came to a halt. The site came to a halt.

There have been a few volunteers helping with this blog over the years, but there have been no helpers with The Write Stuff (apart from volunteered help with our competitions in 2004/2005).

I have done all that web work alone. I simply cannot do it anymore, not without my own writing time evaporating altogether into thin air. I cannot keep The Write Stuff current and I cannot bear seeing it age with neglect.

So I have decided to retire from all my external web work commitments, altogether. I plan to archive The Write Stuff's content permanently elsewhere (publicly available); I will keep the site alive, and provide links from The Write Stuff to those archived pages. Keeping the site alive has its own financial cost but I am prepared to pay that.

If a miracle happens and I get offers of support for the site (practical, active and sustainable support) who knows, it might be able to be continued, and I have ideas for how it could be continued, as a wiki for easy author contributions perhaps ...

In the meantime: Having the site online as it is, with gaps and lapses, is painful to me: There are poets I have not had time to put online due to my own life's personal tragedy and lack of time, poets who are more than deserving of a place alongside others on that showcase, like Jane Williams for instance.

So. Rather than present an uneven collection, this is my plan: to find an archive at the State library and provide links from the site to that content.

I wish everyone well and thank you for your support and feedback over the years.

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