29 February 2008

Endangered: Drawing the line: Art, poetry, music, performance

Endangered - Drawing the Line is a collaborative exhibition and series of arts related events with artists, poets, musicians, film makers, performers, writers, scientists, ecologists and community groups.

If you are in Hobart in March, make a special point of visiting the Rosny Schoolhouse art gallery and take a look. Many poets have been collaborating with a group of artists who for the past year worked along the lines of a theme, "endangered" ....

All details, along with key art work and poems, are online at: http://www.endangered-drawingtheline.com

A parallel exhibition of their work along with the key poems accompanying that work (suspended as a diaphanous veil near the artwork itself) is opening at the Long Gallery at Salamanca on Wednesday 5 March.

" ... a heartfelt response to the plight of endangered species, the threatened loss of our ecosystems, our cultural and social identities, and our relationships with Earth and all beings."

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