26 November 2007

Trust : Kathleen Mitchell Award

About The Kathleen Mitchell Award

The Kathleen Mitchell Award is an Award dedicated to encourage young Australian authors to achieve their dreams.

Established by the will of the late Kathleen Adele Mitchell who directed the Award to encourage “the advancement, improvement and betterment of Australian literature, to improve the educational style of the authors and to provide them with additional amounts and thus enable them to improve their literary efforts”.

First established in 1996, the Award is a biennial award with prize money being $7,500.

Eligibility is for those authors that are under thirty (30) years of age at the time of their book’s publication. The author must also be a resident of Australia for the twelve months preceding the closing date for entries and must be either Australian or British born, or be a naturalised Australian.

Closes 22 February 2008

Trust : Kathleen Mitchell Award

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