29 March 2006

April 5: Spirituality in the Pub (Hobart) Sr Veronica Brady and Anne Kellas

April 5: Spirituality in the Pub (Hobart)

Sister Veronica Brady and Anne Kellas are the guest speakers at the next in the "Spirituality in the Pub" series in Hobart The theme for this session is:

Christians should be writing, not just reading, the signs of the times.

7.30 - 9.00 pm Wednesday 5 April 2006
Venue: Cafe Bar and Bistro, Moonah
More information: contact Mary-Anne Johnson, email: mary-anne *[AT]* myself.com or phone (03) 6228 6000.

Typically at SIP occasions, two speakers offer their insights on a topic (15 minutes each) followed by an hour of open forum to further explore the topic. The emphasis is on "conversation". See: http://www.catalyst-for-renewal.com.au/news.htm

Assoc. Prof. Veronica Brady is an author, academic, media commentator and Roman Catholic nun who teaches at the University of Western Australia
http://www.australianbiography.gov.au/brady/ and http://www.abc.net.au/rn/bigidea/stories/s1041964.htm

Anne Kellas is a Hobart-based writer and editor of The Write Stuff and the blog, North of the Latte Line. She keeps her literary life separate from her working life as information manager at the Australian Clearinghouse for Youth Studies, and editor of Youth Field Xpress.

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