13 January 2006

New poetry competition (nature writing): Inverawe Outdoors Poetry Competition

This weblog has been given the details of a new competition, and if you want any clarification of the details below, please see the very end of this entry (follow the links for more info)


The Inverawe Outdoors Poetry Competition
A new competition in the genre of nature poetry
Entries close Friday 31 March

Nature Poems

For the purposes of this competition (read on by following the link below) ... a nature poem is defined to be
one whose major inspiration and subject matter is the natural world,
not necessarily excluding its significance for humans or their
interaction with it.


A first prize of $250, and two minor prizes of $100 each, is on offer.
The prizes will be awarded at the discretion of the judge.

Entry Conditions:

* A single original poem not longer than 28 lines.
* A maximum of three entries per person. An entry fee of $5 per poem applies
* All entries must be typed on single sided A4 paper
* Electronic entries will not be judged
* Please submit two copies of your entry and two stamped self
addressed envelopes
* Poems published or under offer prior to the competition will not be judged
* The entry form overleaf or a copy of it must be used
* Your name must not appear on the manuscript pages
* Prize winners must be prepared to read their successful entry (or
nominate someone to read it) at Inverawe, on Sunday 30 April, 2006 at
2.00 pm


The competition will be judged by Louise Oxley. Louise is a widely
published poet who has won a number of awards, most recently the Bruce
Dawe Prize 2004. Her first collection is 'Compound Eye' (Five Islands
Press, 2003). All entries will be judged anonymously. The winners
will be announced on 21 April, for a reading at Inverawe on 30 April.

Inverawe Native Gardens:

Inverawe is a 22 acre privately owned garden, open to visitors, that
promotes the use of Australian native plants in gardens and
landscapes, and promotes the regeneration of natural landscapes.
Learn more about us at: http://www.inverawe.com.au

----- ENTRY FORM ----

An entry form (MS WORD DOCMENT) can be sent to you as an attachment if
you send an email to the the organisers of the Inverawe Outdoors
Poetry Competition (email: gardens@inverawe.com.au ) OR write to them
at: Inverawe Native Gardens, 1565 Channel Highway, Margate TAS 7054.
Entries close Friday 28 March.

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