2 January 2006

Breath and shadow

Breath and shadow: A journal of disability culture and literature features three strong poems from Peter Macrow in its December 2005 edition.

Lionel Abrahams used to comment to his students that a poem was strong when he did not know what else to say politely; but my use of strong here is only complimentary: I think Peter Macrow is one of Tasmania's most undervalued poets; a prophet in his own land and all that would seem to apply.

I hope you have bought his Oil slick sun so finely produced by Tasmanian poet/publisher Lyn Reeves' Pardalote Press.

By the way, do you sometimes wonder how one finds news for a weblog? One of my sources is Google Alerts, at: http://www.google.com/alerts?hl=en -- I seldom get sent news for the weblog by anyone. However if you wish to change that, please contact me via : Anne *dot* Kellas (atsymbol) gmail *dot* com

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