15 December 2005

Calling all mop jockeys and professional scrubbers!

Have you ever cleaned toilets for a dollar?
Pursued other people's pubes across the tiles for a pittance?
Scrupulously avoided eyeing other people's underwear as you made their beds for a buck?

Then we want YOU, and all your dirty laundry, for toilet paper origamí, an A5 zine to be launched during the Hobart Fringe in March 06.

Applying the white glove to all things cleaning-related, we want your poems, anecdotes, cartoons, collages, anything we can fit onto an A5 page that relates to gainful employment within the realms of cleaning and housekeeping. All contributors will receive a copy of the final product, on the condition that it is immediately placed within arm's length of your toilet.

Please forward this on to anyone you feel may, at any time, have had a professional relationship with other peopleís filth.

Direct any enquiries, submissions, bank account details to toilet_paper_origami @ yahoo.com.au

Submissions are due by 31st January, so roll up your sleeves and get to it!

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