28 December 2005

The Write Stuff competition announcements due soon

The judges of The Write Stuff competitions (both the poetry and short story sections) say that they are finished reading the entries and are preparing their shortlists. An announcement about the winners will be made both on this weblog and on the Write Stuff web site itself, as soon as the results are known.

poetry: Stephen Edgar
short stories: Giles Hugo

Anne Kellas (coeditor, The Write Stuff)

Ride Home has folded

After many hopeful restarts/false starts, Ride Home has finally folded.

Jennifer Poulter, the editor, writes that she is 'saddened by the loss of what was shaping up to be an excellent outlet for prose, poetry and artwork'.

16 December 2005

Poems on toilet doors

Toilet Door Poems will commission 6 emerging poets and 6 visual designers, to create 6 posters for display on the backs toilet doors during April 2006, in domestic Qantas terminals, and Greater Union cinemas, in Sydney and nationally.

The project will also commission 1 poet to write a mini-essay about an aspect of poetry in the public space, to be published online at www.redroomorganisation.org and presented publicity, at the project's launch.

15 December 2005

Calling all mop jockeys and professional scrubbers!

Have you ever cleaned toilets for a dollar?
Pursued other people's pubes across the tiles for a pittance?
Scrupulously avoided eyeing other people's underwear as you made their beds for a buck?

Then we want YOU, and all your dirty laundry, for toilet paper origamí, an A5 zine to be launched during the Hobart Fringe in March 06.

Applying the white glove to all things cleaning-related, we want your poems, anecdotes, cartoons, collages, anything we can fit onto an A5 page that relates to gainful employment within the realms of cleaning and housekeeping. All contributors will receive a copy of the final product, on the condition that it is immediately placed within arm's length of your toilet.

Please forward this on to anyone you feel may, at any time, have had a professional relationship with other peopleís filth.

Direct any enquiries, submissions, bank account details to toilet_paper_origami @ yahoo.com.au

Submissions are due by 31st January, so roll up your sleeves and get to it!

4 December 2005

Online archive to feature poetry recordings

UK poet laureate Andrew Motion and record producer Richard Carrington are creating an online archive of recordings of English-speaking poets.

The Poetry Archive will include recordings of poets such as Tennyson, Yeats, Kipling, Betjeman and Sassoon, and will also feature recordings of living poets reading their own work -- Margaret Atwood, Seamus Heaney, and Harold Pinter for example.

However, recordings of some important poets don't exist (A.E. Housman, Thomas Hardy, and D.H. Lawrence).

In some cases, poets were recorded reading their work shortly before they died, allowing future generations to hear those poets.

Motion and Carrington said the archive will prove especially valuable for students and teachers. Motion said, "The readings are at once instant in their appeal, and lingering in their impact."

BBC, 30 November 2005
(Source: email newsletter, "Edupage", December 02, 2005

1 December 2005

'Oranges and Rust: An Interview with Jeannine Hall Gailey and Jill Chan' is my recent contribution for qarrtsiluni's themed issue on Science as Poetry.

A gift for lovers of the short story genre

Our companion web site The Write Stuff has a Christmas gift suggestion endorsed by the Jas Review of Books and by The Age ... Geoff Dean's collection, The Literary Lunch.

People will be pleased to hear that Geoff has just been awarded an Arts Tasmania grant for new work. This is a double blessing considering the fact that Geoff suffered a triple aneurism earlier this year. He is exraordinarily lucky to be alive and well and still writing. A literary grant is very affirming to the long-distance writer, who, like the proverbial prophet is often overlooked on his home territory. Praise has been heaped upon him for The Literary Lunch. See the Roaring Forties Press site for details.

Orders of The Literary Lunch will be despatched on the same day they are received, airmail within Australia when you pay by cheque or money order using our easy printable order form. Just post it with your payment to: The Write Stuff, PO Box 368, North Hobart, Tasmania 7002 Australia. Inquiries to: anne.kellas *AT* the-write-stuff.com.au (omit the asterisked text and substituting @ symbol).

Holiday-makers visiting the Apple Isle's famous Salamanca Market can buy it at John Honey's Tasmanian Books stall near Parliament each Saturday.

You can also buy this title at bookshops through our mainland distributor; or online -- see online order options

Christmas gift suggestions for poetry lovers

Our companion web site, The Write Stuff has a suggestion endorsed by Nobel Laureate J.M. Coetzee ... Lionel Abrahams' collection, Chaos Theory of the Heart. Orders will be despatched on the same day they are received, airmail within Australia. Pay by cheque or money order: use our easy printable order form and post it with your payment to: The Write Stuff, PO Box 368, North Hobart, Tasmania 7002 Australia. Inquiries to: anne.kellas *AT* the-write-stuff.com.au (omit the asterisked text and substituting @ symbol).

Short story competitions to enter in 2019

Thanks to the Australian Writers Centre, here's a list of s hort story competitions to enter in 2019: https://www.writerscentre.com.au/...