30 November 2005

Peter Macrow's book of haiku out now

Tonight at Hobart Bookshop, Peter Macrow's book of haiku, Oil Slick Sun, was launched by Dr Maria Flutsch of the School of Asian Languages and Studies at the University of Tasmania.

Dr Flutsch was able to set Peter's haiku in the context of the tradition, and she drew parallels between his work and Japanese experts in the craft of haiku over the ages, to Peter Macrow's credit too, and illustrated her speeach with examples from the work.

Pardalote Press is the publisher, and you can find Oil Slick Sun at either Fullers or Hobart Bookshop -- at AUD18.50 -- also available via the Pardalote Press web site at http://www.pardalote.com.au
Of this handsome book, Ron Moss, secretary of HaikuOz writes: In this first collection from Peter Macrow we experience the world through sensitive eyes. No word is superfluous. Each poem continues to resonate long after the first reading. Like the title, these haiku aptly capture the beauty in the everyday. This fine collection will stay a favourite for a long time to come.'

- Ron Moss - Secretary, HaikuOz

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