21 October 2005

Tasmanian OZCO grant recipients

At last I have located the 2005 grants recipients info on the OZCO web site ... not the easiest of websites in the world.

Tasmanian recipients this year are:

Robert Dessaix (Non fiction)
Cassandra Pybus (Non fiction)
Kathryn Lomer (Young adult literature)
Louise Oxley (poetry)
James Boyce (Literary non-fiction)
Awards for poetry went to:

Kate Llewellyn
Margo Lanagan
Philip Salom
Nigel Emery,
Michael Farrell
Tatjana Lukic
Luke Beesley,
Andrew McKenna,
Mal McKimmie
Nicole Melanson
Louise Oxley
Jaya Savige
Petra White
Kevin Brophy
Pam Brown
Joanne Burns
John Kinsella
(As the publisher of Geoff Dean, the short storywriter, I express my sadness to see that he did not get a grant. It seems short fiction has blurred the concept of the short story to the point of oblivion.)

Back to Ozco, who say in their report:
Research into literary publishing:

The Board will undertake a research project in 2005-6 aiming to provide an in-depth analysis of literary publishing in Australia including statistical information on literary publishing and sales, an outline the structure of the literary publishing sector (including global, independent and micro publishers), and an analysis of the economic conditions of literary writing. It also aims to include case studies of individual writers’ career trajectories.

Inceased grants amounts for 2006 – Established writers

The Board has decided to increase the amount offered through the Established Writers category of New Work from $25,000 to $30,000 pa. This recognises the fact that writers with careers of long-standing still do not earn sufficient amounts from their literary work alone.

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