28 October 2005

"Does my sensibility look big in this?"

A survey commissioned by the British Airports Authority has apparently confirmed what everyone knew:
says the Guardian

... namely, that when we lay out £20 on a book we are prone to see it as not just nourishment for the mind, but a fashion accessory. Books furnish a room and - if carried ostentatiously in the right places - they decorate one's person as elegantly as anything from Nicole Farhi.

In the survey, one in every eight young readers confessed to buying a book "simply to be seen with the latest shortlisted title". ...
Publishers are well aware of this. Up to a quarter of the production cost of a novel goes into its dust-jacket. It's not there to protect the book from dust - brown paper would do that better. It's there to make the book (and the book buyer) look good.

Whole article : http://books.guardian.co.uk/comment/story/0,16488,1599997,00.html

Hmmm ...

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