21 October 2005

AUTUMN TIGER, final collection from Selwyn Hughes

Selwyn Pritchard's widow, Mim Hughes, has made available his last collection, "Autumn Tiger" as a PDF document on Selwyn's web site. Please do take a look at it, at:
See: http://www.poetselwynpritchard.com (under e-Books).

Selwyn Pritchard was widely published throughout the English speaking world. In recent years he was Professor of Literature at Jinan University, Guangzhou, China, and received a Rome residency fellowship by the Australia Council.

Mim Hughes writes: "Selwyn died on 30th June after a cardiac arrest. Greatly missed and a waste as he was still writing well and had so much more he wanted to write about. Mim Hughes"

Tim Thorne published a wonderful collection of Selwyn's, called
Letters and Characters (Much of the information in this posting comes from Tim's website)

Letters and Characters was his fifth collection, written in the form of a letter to a London plutocrat and a letter to a Chinese scholar concerning the last 50 years of the second millennium AD.

Peter Porter said of him: "Selwyn Pritchard's poems...seem to me to have the right, out of wit and invention, to rebuke all non-combative ameliorists like myself."

Pritchard... is a learned man who cries from the heart in lines that ring and sting and stay." - Stanley Middleton

"You pick it up, you get in there, you can't put it down." - Peter Finch

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