14 September 2005

Australia and microcredit

It seems distasteful to talk of money and poetry in the same breath, but the two are closely related as most poets know one way or the other. Well did you now that 2005 is the International Year of Microcredit, and that Australia already has many examples of successful microfinance projects?

Microfinance is often associated with small loans programs in the developing world, but there is now a general interest in how banking and financial services can better serve the needs of low-income people. To mark this international year, the United Nations Association of Australia held a two-day international conference in Melbourne in late August, titled 'Towards an end to global poverty: Empowering communities and individuals through financial inclusion'.

A number of large private commercial banks and NGO’s in Australia have a significant involvement in lending to small and micro enterprises.

There must be some great ideas out there in poetry space that would benefit communities and that only require a bit of finance to get them up and running.

Source: conference web site

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