10 July 2005

Deadline extended for The Write Stuff competitions

For the sake of those who don't visit the web site often, the deadline was extended for The Write Stuff literary competitions to 30 November 2005.

(One or two have asked why the comp. has been extended? The main reason is that in closing days of June the site was offline for periods without me knowing it, and those depending on downloading forms at that time could not do so; secondly, we were aware too late in the piece that the competition had not been advertised in certain periodicals in which we were hoping it would appear.)

In extending the competition, the extension had to be made November to accommodate other prior commitmeents for the judges.

IF anyone who had entered by the JUNE deadline is inconvenienced by this, do get in touch: Anne.Kellas [AT] the-write-stuff.com.au and we will be as flexible as need be.

Thank you very much,
Co-editor, The Write Stuff.

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