26 June 2005

This blog's online again

Well, this blog is active again.
Thanks to everyone encourages me to keep it going.
(I did not realise that it was so useful to so many).
However I would like to let it sit lightly on my shoulders, and so instead of Ivy and me being the only ones travailing to find news, do send news here, if it is relevant and gets through all the spam filters, it will go online. Thanks
Send your input to: anne +dot kellas +AT gmail +dot com (without the spaces and using traditional email formatting etc of course).

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Anonymous said...

and yours.

Is the system being gamed, and "Does Australia Need an ICAC for Poetry?"

Does Australia Need an ICAC for Poetry?  David Musgrave's article in Southerly is not new, but it's worth reading if you missed it....