25 May 2005

New kid on the block

The University of Tasmania is stepping into the Tasmanian publishing industry with its own Arts Tasmania and UTAS-funded 'Quintus Publishing Limited'.

There was an ad, apparently, in the Saturday Mercury (get your magnifying glass out or you will miss it) for a Director of Publishing; an announcement on TV last night and something in the Mercury today.

The new press will have its offices within the School of English. Contact details for further information: Ms Lynne Uptin, Director, Arts Tasmania.

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Peter Macrow said...

Just what we need - another major
Tasmanian publisher to compete with
the small publishers here - and one
funded so generously by our taxpayer's money - $100,000 from the Government and affiliated bodies, I believe.

Now all we need is for the Governments to give even more money to mainland publishers to help them
promote established Tasmanian writers and the publishing scene couldn't look better for us, with such a strong commitment to local publishers, not.

Peter Macrow
Blue Giraffe Press

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