2 May 2005

Kris Hemensley given the annual Christopher Brennan award

Kris Hemensley: a well deserved tribute, says The Age, 27 March 2005.For 40 years or more, says the Age artice, '( Hemensley has) continued to write poetry: an activity for Hemensley that is "an existential act, it's vocational, a necessity, a way of working things out." Most of his poems have never been collected or published. He has many unfinished projects sitting in his drawer. Perhaps some enterprising editor might persuade him to bring out his own collected works.'

Collected Works is for those who do not know, Hemensley's wonderful bookshop in Melbourne, described by Jacket Magazine's editor, John Tranter, as "the major poetry and ideas bookshop in Australia". And so it is. (See Jacket for a taste of Hemensley's poetry -- follow link).
The Age article continued:

"Visitors to Collected Works have ranged from Annie Proulx to Joyce devotees celebrating Bloomsday to Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth (Hemensley's connections with the music scene came through his late son Tim, frontman with the Powder Monkeys). When the Nobel laureate poet Seamus Heaney came to the Melbourne Writers' Festival, he made a beeline for Collected Works and was amazed to find not only a bookshop devoted to poetry, but also an exhibition in his honour, full of first editions of his work. They were from the collection of his old friend, Melbourne judge and fellow poet Peter Gebhardt. That's the sort of special touch Hemensley provides."

Collected Works moved in 2003 to: Level 1, Nicholas Building
37 Swanston Street Melbourne 3000, Australia
Telephone (613+) 9654 8873

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