1 April 2005

ABR inaugural poetry prize winner announced

The Australian Book Review web site carries the announcement that Stephen Edgar has won the inaugural ABR Poetry Prize

Dated 31 March 2005, the media release continues:

We are pleased to announce the winner for the inaugural ABR Poetry Prize, worth $2000.

'Man on the Moon', by Stephen Edgar (Tas.)

Although faced with a high standard of entries and a very strong shortlist, the judges made a quick and unanimous decision on the winner because of the formal and imaginative qualities of Stephen Edgar's poem.

Stephen Edgar's latest book of poems is Lost in the Foreground (Duffy & Snellgrove, 2003). Acclaiming this in our 'Best Books of 2003' column, Clive James praised 'the full impact of [Edgar's] craftsmanship, which is like carpentry raised to the level of sculpture'. Stephen Edgar's new collection, Other Summers, is being published by Black Pepper and will appear in 2006.

The award attracted 401 entries from all over Australia. The standard was gratifyingly high, with a wide variety of techniques and subject matter. So encouraging was the overall quality that Peter Rose, the Editor of ABR, has announced that the ABR Poetry Prize will be offered annually.

The six short-listed poems appeared in full in the March issue. The winning poem, 'Man on the Moon', is published in the April issue, now available.

Peter Rose is available for comment on (03) 0 9429 6700 or abrads@vicnet.net.au

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