15 January 2005

Launch of the chapbook, Republic Readings

I thought that the launch speech for the mini-anthology, Republic Readings, made interesting reading; I could not be at its launch and so missed hearing the launch speech by Peter Macrow, whom I respect a lot both as a poet and as an editor. I think he has done a good job as guest editor of issues n.8. and 9.

(The launch speech for rePUBlic readings 9 was here but I have removed it because it apparently contains some factual errors, or misapprehensions, I learnt today. I apologise for perpetuating any such errors and/or misconceptions by putting the speech online. Launch speeches often say nice things and that was my motivation, but really, I should have checked the facts first. I am slightly out of touch with things so I do appreciate it when people contact me and tell me frankly when I get it wrong. Bloggers are not always journalists and poets are known for poetic licence. The combination of the two is an invitation for error to creep in and I do not want this blog to be anything but accurate.)

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