22 January 2005

28 years

Giles and I celebrated 28 years together with fish and chips at the docks, accompanied by seagulls. Some very old friends sat down with us for a while, as did some twentysomethings we know through our sons, on their way to other jollities. 18 of those years have been spent in Hobart. We never fail to be impressed by the beauty of the waterfront, even though the skyline is rapidly changing with the pressures of developers and architects whose respect for what was there to start with seems scant.

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Ivy said...

Congratulations, Anne and Giles! Yay!

Is the system being gamed, and "Does Australia Need an ICAC for Poetry?"

Does Australia Need an ICAC for Poetry?  David Musgrave's article in Southerly is not new, but it's worth reading if you missed it....