28 December 2005

The Write Stuff competition announcements due soon

The judges of The Write Stuff competitions (both the poetry and short story sections) say that they are finished reading the entries and are preparing their shortlists. An announcement about the winners will be made both on this weblog and on the Write Stuff web site itself, as soon as the results are known.

poetry: Stephen Edgar
short stories: Giles Hugo

Anne Kellas (coeditor, The Write Stuff)

Ride Home has folded

After many hopeful restarts/false starts, Ride Home has finally folded.

Jennifer Poulter, the editor, writes that she is 'saddened by the loss of what was shaping up to be an excellent outlet for prose, poetry and artwork'.

16 December 2005

Poems on toilet doors

Toilet Door Poems will commission 6 emerging poets and 6 visual designers, to create 6 posters for display on the backs toilet doors during April 2006, in domestic Qantas terminals, and Greater Union cinemas, in Sydney and nationally.

The project will also commission 1 poet to write a mini-essay about an aspect of poetry in the public space, to be published online at www.redroomorganisation.org and presented publicity, at the project's launch.

15 December 2005

Calling all mop jockeys and professional scrubbers!

Have you ever cleaned toilets for a dollar?
Pursued other people's pubes across the tiles for a pittance?
Scrupulously avoided eyeing other people's underwear as you made their beds for a buck?

Then we want YOU, and all your dirty laundry, for toilet paper origamí, an A5 zine to be launched during the Hobart Fringe in March 06.

Applying the white glove to all things cleaning-related, we want your poems, anecdotes, cartoons, collages, anything we can fit onto an A5 page that relates to gainful employment within the realms of cleaning and housekeeping. All contributors will receive a copy of the final product, on the condition that it is immediately placed within arm's length of your toilet.

Please forward this on to anyone you feel may, at any time, have had a professional relationship with other peopleís filth.

Direct any enquiries, submissions, bank account details to toilet_paper_origami @ yahoo.com.au

Submissions are due by 31st January, so roll up your sleeves and get to it!

4 December 2005

Online archive to feature poetry recordings

UK poet laureate Andrew Motion and record producer Richard Carrington are creating an online archive of recordings of English-speaking poets.

The Poetry Archive will include recordings of poets such as Tennyson, Yeats, Kipling, Betjeman and Sassoon, and will also feature recordings of living poets reading their own work -- Margaret Atwood, Seamus Heaney, and Harold Pinter for example.

However, recordings of some important poets don't exist (A.E. Housman, Thomas Hardy, and D.H. Lawrence).

In some cases, poets were recorded reading their work shortly before they died, allowing future generations to hear those poets.

Motion and Carrington said the archive will prove especially valuable for students and teachers. Motion said, "The readings are at once instant in their appeal, and lingering in their impact."

BBC, 30 November 2005
(Source: email newsletter, "Edupage", December 02, 2005

1 December 2005

'Oranges and Rust: An Interview with Jeannine Hall Gailey and Jill Chan' is my recent contribution for qarrtsiluni's themed issue on Science as Poetry.

A gift for lovers of the short story genre

Our companion web site The Write Stuff has a Christmas gift suggestion endorsed by the Jas Review of Books and by The Age ... Geoff Dean's collection, The Literary Lunch.

People will be pleased to hear that Geoff has just been awarded an Arts Tasmania grant for new work. This is a double blessing considering the fact that Geoff suffered a triple aneurism earlier this year. He is exraordinarily lucky to be alive and well and still writing. A literary grant is very affirming to the long-distance writer, who, like the proverbial prophet is often overlooked on his home territory. Praise has been heaped upon him for The Literary Lunch. See the Roaring Forties Press site for details.

Orders of The Literary Lunch will be despatched on the same day they are received, airmail within Australia when you pay by cheque or money order using our easy printable order form. Just post it with your payment to: The Write Stuff, PO Box 368, North Hobart, Tasmania 7002 Australia. Inquiries to: anne.kellas *AT* the-write-stuff.com.au (omit the asterisked text and substituting @ symbol).

Holiday-makers visiting the Apple Isle's famous Salamanca Market can buy it at John Honey's Tasmanian Books stall near Parliament each Saturday.

You can also buy this title at bookshops through our mainland distributor; or online -- see online order options

Christmas gift suggestions for poetry lovers

Our companion web site, The Write Stuff has a suggestion endorsed by Nobel Laureate J.M. Coetzee ... Lionel Abrahams' collection, Chaos Theory of the Heart. Orders will be despatched on the same day they are received, airmail within Australia. Pay by cheque or money order: use our easy printable order form and post it with your payment to: The Write Stuff, PO Box 368, North Hobart, Tasmania 7002 Australia. Inquiries to: anne.kellas *AT* the-write-stuff.com.au (omit the asterisked text and substituting @ symbol).

30 November 2005

Write Stuff literary competition

The Write Stuff literary competition has now closed, and judging will begin in a few days. Please do not email me to find out when the winners will be announced: I will be snowed under with things as it is. The announcement will be made on The Write Stuff web site's home page and this blog. And so, until then, hearty greetings to you dear reader for a very Good/Blessed/Merry/Cheerful/Happy/ in other words, wonderful, Christmas, and see you in the New Year, God willing.

Readings coming up in Hobart

Events for December / Jan/ Feb /
Info courtesy of Liz Winfield and also the Tasmanian Writers Centre

Details ... follow links ...

  • 4 Dec: Republic Readings @ the Republic Bar & Café

  • 8 Dec: Les Blakebrough

  • 9 Dec: FAW Christmas meeting

  • 10 Dec: Merridy Eastman

  • 14 Dec: Adult Ed. Poetry discussion group

  • 15 Dec: Young Tasmanian Writers

  • 5 Feb: Lyn Reeves & Liz Winfield

4 December Sunday 3-5pm
Republic Readings @ the Republic Bar & Café
299 Elizabeth St North Hobart.
Here's the order of the day:

> 3.00 pm Liz Winfield writes: "We’ve lost many well-loved writers from Tasmania and the Republic Readings and you are invited to bring poems you might have by Margaret Scott, MML Bliss, Barney Roberts, V Sharp Razor, Tina Ruusula, Luke Swann or an excerpt from Elizabeth Dean’s prose. If we don’t have enough time we’ll return to these readings during the afternoon.

> 3.15 pm Launch of Running Through The Stars an FAW-Tas anthology which includes work by 39 Tasmanian writers, available for sale for $12.

> 3.30 pm Karen Knight will launch Joy Elizabeth’s The Mystery of the Missing Pay Cheques which won the 2004 "Dorothy Porter Award for Best Crime Story in Verse" at the Scarlet Stiletto Awards.

> 4 pm Summer Open Reading with Literary Prizes, Important notes:

. time limit 5 minutes,
. put your name down on the day,
. own original work in any genre which hasn’t previously won any prizes,
. judge is Gina Mercer,
. prizes: Famous Reporter subscription for one year, Island Magazine subscription for one year, 40 Degrees South subscription for one year, $25 Hobart Bookshop Voucher, 3 prizes from the Tasmanian Writers’ Centre (TWC) each including one year membership to TWC + a $25 Bookshop voucher.

NB There will be a raffle on the day to raise money for administrating the Republic Readings and to raise money for the poetry broadsheet The Poets’ Republic. Thanks as always to the Republic Bar & Café & TWC who pay the featured readers & judges at these readings. Thanks also to all of the above mentioned organizations and presses who donate the literary prizes.

8th Dec. Thursday 5.30pm
Hobart Bookshop invites you to the launch by Jonathan Holmes of Les Blakebrough: Ceramics.

9 December Friday 7.30pm

FAW Christmas meeting. Friday 7.30pm Friends’ Meeting House, 395 Argyle Street, North Hobart. Results of the FAW-Tasmania Christmas Competitions 2005 will be announced with readings of winning entries. This will be followed by mini-launches of Pardalote Press books Watersmeet: haiku and Peter Macrow’s Oil Slick Sun ; also, Christmas supper, please bring a contribution. There will also be the opportunity for promotion and sales of members’ books, just bring them on the night. All welcome.

Saturday 10 December, 2-4pm
University Club - University of Tasmania (main campus Internal ring-road – opposite School of Chemistry Building. Entry: main entrance off Churchill Avenue).
The Australian Society of Authors’ MEETING INVITATION (and early Christmas treat!) ASA Tasmania is delighted to invite members and friends to meet a very special guest speaker, Merridy Eastman, author of the international best-seller There’s a Bear in There (and he wants Swedish). Merridy will be in Hobart for a brief family visit before returning overseas where she is currently working on a new book due for release in 2006. Well-known to Australian audiences as an actor of both stage and television (from Playschool to Always Greener), Merridy has a very lively view on both writing and publishers. This will be an opportunity to not only hear Merridy’s great story, but also enjoy a friendly get together and exchange ideas over afternoon-tea. Guests are most welcome. COST:$10 – payment to ASA (by credit card over the phone or by sending a cheque or money order to the Australian Society Authors, PO Box 1566, Strawberry Hills NSW 2012 RSVP: by Monday 5 December. We look forward to seeing you there. Bronilyn Smith ASA Tasmania representative. ddynamic@southcom.com.au

14 December Wednesday from 12.30pm

Poetry Discussion Group, Christmas meeting
Adult Education, North Hobart.

Thursday 15 December 5:30pm
The Courtyard at the Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart.
Young Tasmanian Writers satisfy a craving ...
Eight Young Tasmanian Writers have been chosen to feature in the Fourth issue of The Brew, an inventive new publication placed on the tables of Sutton’s Café in the foyer of the Salamanca Arts Centre in Hobart. Come and share a brew…and live readings of the chosen submissions at the launch of the third edition. For submission guidelines or more information on The Brew contact the editor Benny Walter on 0438 532 517 or email the Tasmanian Writers’ Centre at admin@tasmanianwriters.org

5 February Sunday 3-5pm

Republic Readings: Lyn Reeves & Liz Winfield
+ open + launch of The Poets’ Republic #15

Famous reporter n.31

Congratulations to Ralph Wessman on bringing out another fine edition of Famous reporter -- n.31 was launched today by Jane Williams at Hobart Bookshop. Copies are available from Hobart bookshops and via Walleah Press, PO Box 368 North Hobart, Tasmania 7002.

Peter Macrow's book of haiku out now

Tonight at Hobart Bookshop, Peter Macrow's book of haiku, Oil Slick Sun, was launched by Dr Maria Flutsch of the School of Asian Languages and Studies at the University of Tasmania.

Dr Flutsch was able to set Peter's haiku in the context of the tradition, and she drew parallels between his work and Japanese experts in the craft of haiku over the ages, to Peter Macrow's credit too, and illustrated her speeach with examples from the work.

Pardalote Press is the publisher, and you can find Oil Slick Sun at either Fullers or Hobart Bookshop -- at AUD18.50 -- also available via the Pardalote Press web site at http://www.pardalote.com.au
Of this handsome book, Ron Moss, secretary of HaikuOz writes: In this first collection from Peter Macrow we experience the world through sensitive eyes. No word is superfluous. Each poem continues to resonate long after the first reading. Like the title, these haiku aptly capture the beauty in the everyday. This fine collection will stay a favourite for a long time to come.'

- Ron Moss - Secretary, HaikuOz

12 November 2005



Incommunicado - a one-off publication as part of the Next Wave Festival's 2006 Empire Games.

Incommunicado will be a collection of writing from around the Commonwealth in a foldable book / world map format -- read it, then stick it on your wall. Focussing on the theme of miscommunication, Incommunicado will bring together political and personal stories. It will be published in English, but written in distinctive local voices, with a glossary explaining uncommon words and phrases. Incommunicado will be a glimpse of life all over the Commonwealth, beyond newspaper headlines and medal tallies. It's going to be a visually stunning, deliciously awkward, collectable literary treat.

Incommunicado will be published in March 2006, in Australia, as part of Empire Games‚ the theme of the Youth Program of the Cultural Festival of the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games, presented by Next Wave.

If you are a Commonwealth citizen and are 30 years old or under, this is an amazing opportunity for your writing to be published in the context of a high-profile international event. If your work is selected for publication, you will be paid A$50 for your efforts.

Tell me more about this Incommunicado theme ...

Misunderstanding is the basis of much comedy, and much tragedy. Incommunicado will bring together very short (250 word or 500 word) stories, poems, anecdotes and reflections from across the Commonwealth about people trying -- and often failing -- to communicate. Lost tourists unable to ask for directions; parents who can't understand their children's slang; workers forced to sign contracts they don't understand

We want to hear about communication breakdowns that break hearts, make fortunes, start wars, and everything in between. These stories will be as factual or fantastic, as epic or microscopic, as you make them.

Incommunicado submission deadline: 30 November 2005

For more information about submitting to Incommunicado, go to www.expressmedia.org.au

For more information about the Next Wave Festival‚s 2006 Empire Games, go to www.nextwave.org.au

10 November 2005

Griffin Poetry Prize

A reminder: The deadline for the Griffin Poetry Prize is approaching. (Prize is Canadian $100,000)
See web site for details.

Books must be submitted postmarked no later than December 31, 2005 for books published between January 1 and December 31, 2005. Please remember to complete all necessary customs/duties paperwork when shipping your entries to ensure delays are avoided.

8 November 2005

Reminder: 9 Nov. at the Hobart Bookshop

Reminder: 9 Nov. at the Hobart Bookshop:

Pardalote Press event: Martin Hawes will launch Watersmeet: haiku, a collection of haiku by Watersmeet haiku group, responding to Tasmanian landscape.

And at the same event:
Dr Gina Mercer will launch the 2nd issue of the Tasmanian-based poetry magazine, Blue Giraffe

Showcase of Tasmanian Publishers

I have created a showcase of Tasmanian Publishers, small presses and literary publications.

It's just a simple directory -- nothing more, nothing less.


Artists are rebels (researcher)

Well this article does not actually explain why a researcher at the University of Melbourne has concluded that artists are rebels. For that you'll need to go to the source: a Unimelb report. (UniNews Vol. 14, No. 20 31 October - 14 November 2005.)

6 November 2005

Unimelb OZCO winnings

New Australia Council funding for writers and poets totalling $205,000 has been awarded to academics and current or recently completed postgraduates of the University of Melbourne’s School of Creative Arts. (Arnold Zable, Kevin Brophy, and Philip Salom) See article.

Discovered under a maximum security prison: oldest Christian Church in the Holy Land

Israeli officials say they have discovered what may be the oldest Christian Church in the Holy Land - on the site of a maximum security prison.

Israel's Antiquities Authority said the church at the Megiddo jail dated back to the third or fourth century AD and was "a once in a lifetime find".

It contained a mosaic bearing the name of Jesus Christ in ancient Greek, fish murals and an altar, officials said.

The dig took place near the biblical site of Armageddon in northern Israel. Source: BBC news, world edition)

Sad news re Magenta Bliss (formerly Jenny Boult)

A memorial service/wake/poetry reading to remember and celebrate the
life and work of Magenta Bliss (formerly Jenny Boult) will be held at
Gallus Bar, 61 Cameron Street Launceston from 4.00 pm on Thursday 10


Tim Thorne wrote:

Dear Friend

It is with sadness that I pass on the news that Magenta Bliss (formerly
Jenny Boult) passed away on the evening of Tuesday Nov. 1 ... She is at peace at last after a troubled last few years, and a recent serious illness. Her writing will endure as a testimony to her immense talent.

Tim Thorne


5 November 2005

Long-distance poetry workshops

Poetry workshop to do long-distance at The Guardian: keep your eye out for the November workshop, which is to be hosted by Lucy Newlyn towards the end of November.

28 October 2005

"however dusty their embrace, it is the attention of academics that gives poets their standing"

' ... however dusty their embrace, it is the attention of academics that gives poets their standing' ... says John Mullan, in an article in the Guardian "What are our poets writing about? "

"While the prizes and their attached ceremonials are good propaganda, poets need translators to help them find readers." The article was written just before the UK's Forward prize was announced. Read more.

Winner, David Harsent says in an interview,:
" All poets have to have day jobs. I used to be a bookseller and then a publisher, a lot of people teach and we all have to try and make a living as nobody can make a living just from poetry. For example, Robin Robertson is a publisher, the poetry editor of Cape, and Don Patterson is the poetry editor of Picador. I didn't want to teach or go on being a publisher because it was too demanding of my time. So I decided to try to make my living by my pen and I quite like thrillers." (The Guardian)

"Does my sensibility look big in this?"

A survey commissioned by the British Airports Authority has apparently confirmed what everyone knew:
says the Guardian

... namely, that when we lay out £20 on a book we are prone to see it as not just nourishment for the mind, but a fashion accessory. Books furnish a room and - if carried ostentatiously in the right places - they decorate one's person as elegantly as anything from Nicole Farhi.

In the survey, one in every eight young readers confessed to buying a book "simply to be seen with the latest shortlisted title". ...
Publishers are well aware of this. Up to a quarter of the production cost of a novel goes into its dust-jacket. It's not there to protect the book from dust - brown paper would do that better. It's there to make the book (and the book buyer) look good.

Whole article : http://books.guardian.co.uk/comment/story/0,16488,1599997,00.html

Hmmm ...

A house of poetry for Cantebury

Michael Curtis is a UK poet and the manager of the Words Unbound project, which has put forward a proposal to establish a 'maison de poèsie' for Cantebury ...

The Guardian reports:

"Poets need more than just a screen and a pen. They need to socialise, share ideas and gossip. Poetry needs a physical place in which to thrive as well as mental space" == Curtis hopes to gather support for the idea of a permanent building for poets and their work which would have an all-year-round programme of performances and workshops, based on the French idea of 'maisons de poèsie': 'houses of poetry' that exist throughout France and have spread across the French-speaking world, from Quebec to Morocco. The facilities within each maison vary, but generally encompass a performance space, a publishing or printing house, a library and information resource for poets and researchers and a cafe or bar. Some also boast residential accommodation to put up visiting poets or house a poet-in-residence.

The most ambitious maison de poèsie to date is the Passa Porta in Brussels. Opened in October 2004, it is housed in an elegant building close to the centre of the city, and at its heart is what it calls its "literary platform" on which writers from Belgium and further afield discuss their work. There are also writing workshops and masterclasses, a new and secondhand bookshop and a "flat of character" for a foreign author in residence. The Passa Porta typifies the ethos of the maison de poèsie in that it aims to bridge cultural divides by bringing both French and Flemish speakers together.

More at: http://books.guardian.co.uk/news/articles/0,6109,1601594,00.html

27 October 2005

John Tranter's jacket

"Announcing Jacket 28, October 2005"

Hundreds of pages of dazzling literature:


Editor: John Tranter,
Associate Editor: Pam Brown

25 October 2005

Showcase of Tasmanian publishers

I have created a new section on The Write Stuff web site; a showcase of Tasmanian publishers. Comments welcomed: see: http://www.the-write-stuff.com.au/publishers/

PEN / Asia and Pacific Writers Network: Beyond borders: creative strategies for local / global harmony

Tom Cho's informed me of a reading on Sunday 6 November:
'Beyond borders: creative strategies for local harmony' --

which is part of a larger event:
'Beyond borders – creative strategies for global harmony' -- Celebrating the writers and writing that are situated in, connected to, and that resonate with, the Asia and Pacific regions.

The event on Sunday 6 Nov. 2005 is being organised by the Asia and Pacific Writers Network, and is dedicated to writing, conversations and freedom of speech in the region. Presented by Australian PEN Centre in partnership with Asialink and the Victorian Writers Centre.

In a program of thematically linked readings and panel discussions writers from Asia, the Pacific and Australian writers will explore the regions’ writing, cross the borders of cultures, language, genre and navigate the territory of freedom of speech.

The all-day event of panels and readings will feature writers from the Asia Pacific region (including various international guests) such as Adam Aitken, Shalini Akhil, Arnold Zable, Chandani Lokuge, Cathie Dunsford, Nicholas Jose, Alvin Pang, Tony Birch, and many more.

'Who goes there? Strangers, borders and fear' is one of the segments of the all-day event and will feature readings by Tom Cho, Javant Biarujia and Shalini Akhil that cross borders of genre, culture, identity and fear. This is followed by a discussion along these lines: "At a time when the world is closing down its national borders, boundaries of culture, identity, etc are more fluid, open... - at the intersections of boundaries/borders, new forms, practices, theories...". The panel will feature Chandani Lokuge, Mohit Prasad (from fiji) and goenawan mohamad (from Indonesia) in discussion with Peter Mares (journalist and author).


Sunday 6 November, 2pm
Trades Hall Bar
54 Victoria St (corner of Lygon St), Carlton South

The full program can be found at

Beyond borders – creative strategies for global harmony
Saturday, 6 November 2005

An event of the Asia and Pacific Writers Network, dedicated to writing, conversations and freedom of speech in the region. Presented by Australian PEN Centre in partnership with Asialink and the Victorian Writers Centre.

Celebrating the writers and writing, that are situated in, connect to, and resonate with, the Asia and Pacific regions. In a program of thematically linked readings and panel discussions writers from Asia, the Pacific and Australia explore the regions’ writing, cross the borders of cultures, language, genre and navigate the territory of freedom of speech.

Booking information for Sunday 6 November
A ticket providing entrance to all events on that day can be obtained from the Victorian Writers Centre, 1st Floor Nicholas Building,
37 Swanston St, Melbourne, VIC 3000
Ph: (03) 9654 9068
Email: info@writers-centre.org

Day ticket pre-sale: $35/$30. Concession price available for Victorian Writers Centre and PEN members.
Door price: $40/$35.
Session tickets: $12/$10.

23 October 2005

Launch speech, Jenny Barnard's 'First Blue'

Anne, Tim passed this on, a lovely intro to Jenny's collection.


Jenny Barnard wins Tasmanian Poetry CUP!

Congratulations to Jenny Barnard for winning the Tasmanian Poetry Festival's famous POETRY CUP ... photos and more at: http://walleahpress.com.au/TasPoetryFest.htm

New issue of Blue Giraffe

Wednesday, 9th of November, 5.30 p.m. at the Hobart Bookshop
Dr Gina Mercer will launch the 2nd issue of the Tasmanian-based poetry magazine. BLUE GIRAFFE. No bios, no adverts, no essays - just poetry and more poetry! BG2 !! Published by Blue Giraffe Press. featured poet in this issue is Lyn Reeves.
Drinks and nibbles and lots of poetry. All welcome.

New Haiku Book

Wednesday, 9th of November, 5.30 p.m. at the Hobart Bookshop

Martin Hawes will launch Watersmeet: haiku - A collection of haiku by Watersmeet haiku group, responding to Tasmanian landscape - from the city streets to the mountains, beaches and forests that make up this diverse and beautiful part of the world. Contributors to the anthology. proudly published by Pardalote Press, are
Jenny Barnard, Jill Cartwright, Ross Coward, Greg Jemsek, Christina Kirkpatrick, Peter Macrow, ron Moss, Doris Reeve, Lyn Reeves, Stuart Solman and John Ward.
Beautiffully designed and produced.

22 October 2005


Ralph Wessman has a section of the Walleah Press website dedicated to news items: see: the Currajah page,

Ivy Alvarez to be published in the US


Ivy's poetry manuscript, Mortal, has been accepted for publication by US publishers Red Morning Press, launching in the US in 2006.

Red Morning Press News Update...
We're very pleased to announce that we'll be publishing two (count 'em, two!) new poetry titles in the coming months. The first will be from Rhode Island poet Jen Tynes, an editor at horse less press. After that, Red Morning Press goes international with a book by Ivy Alvarez, an Australian poet currently living in Wales (swing by her blog). Check back soon -- we'll be posting much more about both of these fine writers.
Source: Ralph Wessman's website

21 October 2005

Tasmanian OZCO grant recipients

At last I have located the 2005 grants recipients info on the OZCO web site ... not the easiest of websites in the world.

Tasmanian recipients this year are:

Robert Dessaix (Non fiction)
Cassandra Pybus (Non fiction)
Kathryn Lomer (Young adult literature)
Louise Oxley (poetry)
James Boyce (Literary non-fiction)
Awards for poetry went to:

Kate Llewellyn
Margo Lanagan
Philip Salom
Nigel Emery,
Michael Farrell
Tatjana Lukic
Luke Beesley,
Andrew McKenna,
Mal McKimmie
Nicole Melanson
Louise Oxley
Jaya Savige
Petra White
Kevin Brophy
Pam Brown
Joanne Burns
John Kinsella
(As the publisher of Geoff Dean, the short storywriter, I express my sadness to see that he did not get a grant. It seems short fiction has blurred the concept of the short story to the point of oblivion.)

Back to Ozco, who say in their report:
Research into literary publishing:

The Board will undertake a research project in 2005-6 aiming to provide an in-depth analysis of literary publishing in Australia including statistical information on literary publishing and sales, an outline the structure of the literary publishing sector (including global, independent and micro publishers), and an analysis of the economic conditions of literary writing. It also aims to include case studies of individual writers’ career trajectories.

Inceased grants amounts for 2006 – Established writers

The Board has decided to increase the amount offered through the Established Writers category of New Work from $25,000 to $30,000 pa. This recognises the fact that writers with careers of long-standing still do not earn sufficient amounts from their literary work alone.

AUTUMN TIGER, final collection from Selwyn Hughes

Selwyn Pritchard's widow, Mim Hughes, has made available his last collection, "Autumn Tiger" as a PDF document on Selwyn's web site. Please do take a look at it, at:
See: http://www.poetselwynpritchard.com (under e-Books).

Selwyn Pritchard was widely published throughout the English speaking world. In recent years he was Professor of Literature at Jinan University, Guangzhou, China, and received a Rome residency fellowship by the Australia Council.

Mim Hughes writes: "Selwyn died on 30th June after a cardiac arrest. Greatly missed and a waste as he was still writing well and had so much more he wanted to write about. Mim Hughes"

Tim Thorne published a wonderful collection of Selwyn's, called
Letters and Characters (Much of the information in this posting comes from Tim's website)

Letters and Characters was his fifth collection, written in the form of a letter to a London plutocrat and a letter to a Chinese scholar concerning the last 50 years of the second millennium AD.

Peter Porter said of him: "Selwyn Pritchard's poems...seem to me to have the right, out of wit and invention, to rebuke all non-combative ameliorists like myself."

Pritchard... is a learned man who cries from the heart in lines that ring and sting and stay." - Stanley Middleton

"You pick it up, you get in there, you can't put it down." - Peter Finch

Bluepepper: Justin Lowe's poetry weblog

From Coral Hull comes news that Justin Lowe has begun a poetry weblog.

It's at: http://www.bluepepper.blogspot.com/http://www.bluepepper.blogspot.com/

20 October 2005

17 October 2005

Ahhh Ozco

I guess those who got one know.

And those who did not get one know too.

The rest of us plebs can just wait for the media release to appear on the OZCO web site, or in the Muckery.

I am pleased to report that this year I did not apply for one.

Phew. What a relief. What a light feeling. Kind of a pure feeling. Like, "I TOLD ME SO." And I was right. Maybe I won't apply next year either. Or the next. I can just disappear like a puff of smoke and so what.

Tasmanian Poetry Festival

If only someone had sent me this on Frrday ... I spent a long time on Friday doing Net searches to find anything at all in terms of a web site about The 2005 Tasmanian Poetry Festival ... To no avail. People I phoned could not find a URL on the publicity. So here is a media release from a polly, how's that: Lara Giddings or a pretty useless Tasmanian events watch posting. Useless because it is not up to date; Adamson was not there.
Thanks, Google Alert service. The whole idea of this blog is to go NORTH OF THE LATTE LINE: why don't people north of Hobart use it? Beats me.

15 October 2005

Vale Barney Roberts

It is with much sadness that the North of The Latte Line learnt of the death of Tasmanian writer, Barney Roberts, who passed away yesterday. (Source: Tim Thorne)

5 October 2005

new online publishing project delivers short stories and essays ...


As the costs of individual papers in course packs seems to rise each semester, it will be interesting to see how Amazon's new "Amazon Shorts" venture fares. The bookseller's new online publishing project delivers short stories and essays by well-know authors to readers for $0.49 each. And purchasers can save and print the pieces "forever." Categories include biography and memoirs, fiction, mystery and thrillers, nonfiction, science, and science fiction and fantasy. While the selection is limited for now, if Amazon Shorts is successful, it could provide an inexpensive way to augment course materials. For more details, go to http://www.amazon.com/shorts/.


Source: CIT INFOBITS -- CIT INFOBITS is published by the Center for Instructional Technology. The CIT supports the interests of faculty members at UNC-Chapel Hill who are exploring the use of Internet and video projects. Services include both consultation on appropriate uses and technical support.

To subscribe to INFOBITS, send email to listserv@unc.edu with the
following message:

SUBSCRIBE INFOBITS firstname lastname

substituting your own first and last names.

1 October 2005

Vibewire.net's October Poet in Residence

Finally! After a long interim, Vibewire is thrilled to announce our October Poet in Residence as selected by Anthony Lawrence—Brisbane poet Emily Bitto! Her suite of poems “Small World” was selected by Anthony earlier this week, who called it “gorgeous” and "sensuous." Anthony was impressed with Emily’s work for its “minimalist style” and her “quiet celebration of domesticity and its variousness”—high praise from one of Australia’s pre-eminent poets! Keep posted for her upcoming poems as Poet in Residence, and check out the whole judge's report in the Poetry section!

23 September 2005

The ABC Fiction Award

The competition seeks the best, original, unpublished, quality fiction manuscript, written by an Australian resident over the age of 18. The submitted manuscript cannot be under consideration by any other publisher or award.

To enter the 2005 competition you must lodge your entry to the ABC Fiction Award by Monday 26 September, 2005.

21 September 2005

Ruth Blair and David Owen at Watermark Literary Muster

The Watermark Literary Society's Literary Muster 2005 is happening soon (4-8 October 2005) featuring 21 writers, among them Tasmania's David Owen, editor of Island. Also featured is Ruth Blair.

"Over 5 days, participants will enjoy a variety of discussions, panel sessions, conversations, readings, nature excursions, book launches and shared meals."

20 September 2005

Tasmanian literary events from 24 Sept until 30 Nov

* 24 September Saturday 11-2pm at Friends' Meeting house FAW writing workshop with Gina Mercer, cost—$20 pay to ensure booking. Ring Liz 6272 9324 or ewin4692@bigpond.net.au

Creating Narrative Poems: Utilising our innate skills for creating and understanding the nature of story we will explore ways to infuse our poems with the raconteur's vivid energy. We will analyse several narrative poems and set about converting our most familiar stories into compact narrative poems that may be gripping, comic, sob-inducing or anything else we can imagine on the day. The possibilities of narrative poetry are enormous and diverse.

* 24 September Saturday 10 am–4 pm Room 405, Hytten Hall, University of Tasmania, French Street, Sandy Bay. DIY publishing course presented by Society of Editors Tasmania and ACYS Publishing (Uni of Tas). Info and reg. details at www.tas-editors.org.au

* 29th September Thursday 5.30pm Hobart Bookshop, launch of Ray Stuart's High Mountainous Country - No Reliable Information, Forty Degrees South; poetry on Papua New Guinea 1961-64 through the experiences of a young infantry officer with the Pacific Islands Regiment at Taurama, Manus, and Vanimo; and patrolling in the Gulf District of Papua.
Ray Stuart was born in Sydney, and now lives at Kersbrook in the Adelaide Hills. Individual works have been published over south-east Australia, the Northern Territory, and in the Friendly Street collections since 1994. His first collection 'To Fly Again' was published by Ginninderra Press in 2001.In 1999 Ray won the Satura Prize and in 2004 came 2nd in the inaugural Write Stuff Poetry Competition.For more information about Ray and his work visit his website: http://raystuart.bigpondhosting.com

* First Sunday in October: Ray Stuart will be a featured reader with James Charlton and Louise Oxley at the October Republic Readings, Republic Bar and Cafe, Elizabeth St. cnr Burnett St, North Hobart, 3pm-5pm

* 14-16 October Tasmanian Poetry Festival in Launceston. Guest list: Robert Adamson, Ian McBryde, Lauren Williams, Louise Oxley, Carolyn Fisher, Susan Kruss, Ron Riddell (from NZ) and Karen Knight. Contact Cameron : tpf_inc [AT] yahoo.com

* 20 November: Liz Winfield's next poetry workshop with Adult Education

* 30 November: The deadline for The Write Stuff Literary Competitions is extended to 30 November 2005. See details

IHOS Kultour Event: Dya Singh music group, at the Moonah Arts Centre

present a Kultour Event:

Dya Singh, in association with Nexus Multicultural Arts South Australia

Formed in 1992 Dya Singh has emerged as one of the most sought-after music groups in Australia.

The group performs using North Indian music as a starting point but takes a mystical journey through Ireland, the Mediterranean, the Balkans, the Middle East, Malaysia, Vietnam and back to Australia, the oldest continent on Earth.

Date: Saturday 24 September 2004
Time: 8 pm
Venue: Moonah Arts Centre, 65 Hopkins St, Moonah
Tickets: $25 / $15 concession
Duration: 2 hours
Bookings: Moonah Arts Centre 03 6214 7633

'The talent of the performers, the range of the music they played, the deep spirituality which infused their performance, all made this a memorable evening.' Bruce Elder, Sydney Morning Herald

19 September 2005

Shortlist for the Victorian Premier's Literary Awards

The Shortlist for the Victorian Premier's Literary Awards:

The Shortlist for the Victorian Premier's Literary Awards 2005 was announced on

Friday 16 September. Further details including reports from the judging panels are available at www.slv.vic.gov.au/pla The winners will be announced by the Premier at an Awards dinner to be held at Zinc , Federation Square on Monday 17 October. Master of Ceremonies is William McInnes. Inga Cledinnen is keynote speaker. Details on how to book are available on our website or by phoning Suzie Gasper on 03 8664 7016.

Victorian Premier's Literary Awards 2005


The Vance Palmer Prize for Fiction

  • Surrender by Sonya Hartnett Viking/Penguin
  • Sixty Lights by Gail Jones Vintage/Random House
  • Affection by Ian Townsend Fourth Estate /Harper Collins

The Nettie Palmer Prize for Non-fiction

  • Degenerates and Perverts: The 1939 Herald Exhibition of French and British Contemporary Art by Eileen Chanin and Steven Miller The Miegunyah Press / Melbourne University Publishing
  • Beach Crossings: Voyaging across Times, Cultures and Self by Greg Dening The Miegunyah Press / Melbourne University Publishing
  • Twilight of Love: Travels with Turgenev by Robert Dessaix Picador/Pan Macmillan
  • Joe Cinque’s Consolation: A True Story of Death, Grief and the Law by Helen Garner Picador/Pan Macmillan
  • Bypass: The Story of a Road by Michael McGirr Picador/Pan Macmillan

The C J Dennis Prize for Poetry

  • < More or Less Than >1-100 by MTC Cronin Shearsman Books
  • Doppler Effect by John Kinsella Salt Publishing
  • Firelick by Morgan Yasbincek Fremantle Arts Centre Press

The Louis Esson Prize for Drama

  • The Frail Man by Anthony Crowley Playbox /Currency
  • Blowback by David Pledger Not Yet, It’s Difficult
  • The Spook by Melissa Reeves Company B. Belvoir St.
  • The Prize for Young Adult Fiction
  • The Running Man by Michael Gerard Bauer Omnibus Books
  • Secret Scribbled Notebooks by Joanne Horniman Allen & Unwin
  • So Yesterday by Scott Westerfeld Penguin Books Australia

The Prize for Science Writing

  • The Land Of Flowers: An Australian Environment on the Brink by Irene Cunningham Otford Press
  • Stem Cells: Controversy at the Frontiers of Science by Elizabeth Finkel ABC Books
  • Astonishing Animals by Tim Flannery and Peter Schouten Text Publishing
  • The Alfred Deakin Prize for an Essay Advancing Public Debate
  • Living in a Material World by Randa Abdel-Fattah Griffith Review
  • ‘Kangaroo Court’: Family Law in Australia by John Hirst ‘Quarterly Essay’ Black Inc
  • Mission Impossible: The Sheikhs, the U.S. and the Future of Iraq by Paul McGeogh ‘Quarterly Essay’ Black Inc

The Village Roadshow Prize for Screen Writing

  • Revealing Gallipoli by Wain Fimeri ABC Television
  • Little Fish by Jacquelin Perske Porchlight FIlms
  • Look Both Ways by Sarah Watt Hibiscus Films

The Prize for an Unpublished Manuscript by an Emerging Victorian Writer

  • I Hate Martin Amis et al by Peter Barry
  • ‘Days Like Television…Days Like Television’ and Other Stories by James Hawthorne
  • The Timeball Philosophers by Anita Punton

The Grollo Ruzzene Foundation Prize for Writing about Italians in Australia

  • Martino’s Story by Lyn Chatham Peter Bruno
  • Per l’Australia: The Story of Italian Migration by Julia Church The Miegunyah Press/Melbourne University Publishing
  • A Spoonful of Zucchero by Kate Taylor Little Red Apple Publishing

Barry Scott Awards Coordinator State Library of Victoria 328 Swanston St Melbourne 3000 03 8664 7277

16 September 2005

Haibun - new book by Graham Nunn

Haibun is a Japanese form of autobiographical poetic prose embedded with haiku. This new publication contains prize-winning haibun and haiku from the director of the Queensland Poetry Festival, Graham Nunn
New Collection of Haibun by Graham Nunn

Launch Date: Friday Sept 23.
MEASURING THE DEPTH – haiku and haibun by Graham Nunn
Published by Pardalote Press
Will be launched by Jacqueline Turner (inaugural Poet-in-Residence )
At The Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts
Level 3, The office of the Poet-in-Residence,
420 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane
Time : 6:30pm for 7:00pm,
drinks and nibbles, raffles, live music and open readings during the night
for further information
email Graham at jennyandgraham@optusnet.com.au

15 September 2005

Castle of Duino International Poetry Competition, Italy

Rules of participation:
The competition is open to young people under 30 years of age.
The participation is free.
Participants have to send only one unpublished , never prized poem (maximum 50 lines).
The general theme of the Second Edition is “Water, Earth, Air, Fire”: Nature and its Elements in Perception, Phantasy, Memory, Myth, Symbolism.

14 September 2005

Some Tasmanian authors may want to go to this

D.I.Y. publishing seminar

While I don't advocate self-publishing, I accept that poets are often driven to embracing it, and this will be a good seminar: it's been held before and promises to cover all bases: Organised by the Society of Editors (Tas) INc.

There are a few places left, so come along and learn from the experts before you take the plunge into the world of self-publishing. Publishing professionals and experienced self-publishers will share their knowledge and answer your questions.

Topics include:
· Can you afford to publish your book?
· Preparing your manuscript
· Editing and design
· Printing costs and specifications
· Marketing and distribution

When: 10 am – 4 pm, Saturday 24 September 2005
Where: Room 405, Hytten Hall, University of Tasmania, French Street, Sandy
Bay --
Registrations need to be in by 16 September
Cost (including lunch):
Members of the Society of Editors (Tasmania): $80
Non-members: $100
Registration forms available from the
Society of Editors website or email Sheila.Allison [AT] utas.edu.au or phone: (03)
6226 7533.

Poetry and life

I think the focus of this blog has been too austerely focused on poetry per se, and if poetry is to get back into a state of having any kind of relevance to real life, then maybe it's time to widen the conversation and draw poetry into the wider arena of debate.

Australia and microcredit

It seems distasteful to talk of money and poetry in the same breath, but the two are closely related as most poets know one way or the other. Well did you now that 2005 is the International Year of Microcredit, and that Australia already has many examples of successful microfinance projects?

Microfinance is often associated with small loans programs in the developing world, but there is now a general interest in how banking and financial services can better serve the needs of low-income people. To mark this international year, the United Nations Association of Australia held a two-day international conference in Melbourne in late August, titled 'Towards an end to global poverty: Empowering communities and individuals through financial inclusion'.

A number of large private commercial banks and NGO’s in Australia have a significant involvement in lending to small and micro enterprises.

There must be some great ideas out there in poetry space that would benefit communities and that only require a bit of finance to get them up and running.

Source: conference web site

So they've sold Telstra ...

The slippery slope begins,
The slide, the grand slam, the sellout, the insidious sallies against good sense begins,

Why are we surprised.
Why are we not surprised.

I may as well start echoing old poems again ...
"Why did we bother to come all this way
if this can happen here ... "

12 September 2005

Moorilla gathering to remember the late author, Margaret Scott

On Sunday, over 200 people gathered at Moorilla estate on the outskirts of Hobart to celebrate the life of Margaret Scott, who died two weeks ago. The ABC online web site tells you more.

Also see The Tasmanian Times.

The full text of the launch by Lara Giddings of Margaret Scott's "A little more" during Ten Days on the Island on Wednesday, April 6, is online on the Tasmanian Times site.

11 September 2005

Poetry's good for the brain, Scottish scientists say

Research by Scottish scientists shows poetry is better for the brain than prose. The Scotsman reports: "Psychologists at Dundee and St Andrews universities claim that the work of poets such as Lord Byron exercise the mind more than a novel by Jane Austen.

"By monitoring the way different forms of text are read, they found poetry generated far more eye movement which is associated with deeper thought.

"Subjects were found to read poems slowly, concentrating and re-reading individual lines more than they did with prose.

"Preliminary studies using brain imaging technology also showed greater levels of cerebral activity when people listened to poems being read aloud."

Full report at: http://news.scotsman.com/arts.cfm?id=352752005

The Australian Young Poets Fellowships 2006

(from the Poets Union, in conjunction with the Australia Council)

First offered in 2002, the aim of these fellowships is to allow outstanding young poets opportunities to make their work known to the public, and to further their skills by working with experienced mentors. Recent mentors have included Chris Wallace-Crabbe, Peter Minter, Jordie Albiston and Judith Beveridge.

Two Fellowships will be awarded. The closing date for applications is 11 November 2005. The successful candidates will be notified later that month. Entrants must be aged between 18 and 30 years (inclusive) on 31 December 2005.

Each Fellow will receive:

A six-month mentorship with an experienced poet, from January to July 2006. Wherever possible, a mentor will be selected from the same geographical region as the Fellow.

Publication in Five Bells, the national Poets Union journal of poetry and poetics.

Accommodation expenses and registration fees (worth $595 each), and travel assistance for the Wollongong Poetry Workshops, held 12-19 January 2006.

Publication of a 32-page chapbook of poems.

The opportunity to present work in Sydney during the Australian Poetry Festival.

Conditions of entry

Application for a Fellowship is open to all citizens and permanent residents of Australia, aged 18-30 (inclusive) on 31 December 2005. Members of the Poets Union Committee and their immediate families are ineligible.

Selection will be on the basis of a poetry manuscript of 150 lines or less. The manuscript may be a single long poem, or a selection of shorter ones. Shorter poems may be thematically related, but do not have to be. Name and contact details should appear on each page of the submission. Fellows will be chosen by experienced poets nominated by the Poets Union. The programme will be co-ordinated by Martin Langford.

Applicants may submit material which has been previously published, or which has won other awards.

The entry fee is $10. Multiple entires are permissible, at $10 for each entry. Cheques or money orders should be made payable to the Poets Union.

Manuscripts will not be returned: applicants should make sure that they keep copies of their work.

Please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope for notification of results.

Submissions must be received by the last post on Friday 11 November 2005.

Mail entries to:

The Australian Young Poets Fellowships
Poets Union Inc
PO Box 91
Balmain NSW 2041

Enquiries should be directed to the Poets Union on (02) 9818 5366, or email info@poetsunion.com

3 September 2005

selwyn pritchard

Saddened to learn Selwyn Pritchard, known to many of us in Tassie, passed away at the end of June. A lovely man ... his poetry perhaps epitomised by a few words of intro that appear on his website: "I want poems which don't distance themselves, hold aloof, poems about living against the background of collapsing democracy, religion, social life and the corporate greed which is ruining our world...Poems that matter! I try to write them if I can."

1 September 2005

IHOS Opera coming up - 'The Death of Thomas Chatterton'

Of interest to visitors to Tasmania, to writers seeking inspiration:

The Tasmanian Composer Collective is a new blog about this innovative group of musicians. It lets you know about forthcoming musical events and among them, I found this notice about an IHOS opera work composed by Matt Dewey coming up in mid-September: details below.

The Death of Thomas Chatterton

Dead at 17, Thomas Chatterton forged medieval poetry for a meager living. Yet he was eventually hailed as “the marvelous boy”, and enjoyed a posthumous career as a hero of the Romantic Movement, an unparalleled, archetypal and precocious genius. All it required was his death: a romantic suicide in a garret from an overdose of arsenic.

Except … maybe the forged poems were real. Possibly the poisoning was accidental overdose. And who actually wrote his poetical suicide note, the “Final Verses”?


Director: Robert Jarman
Duration: 45 mins
Venue: Hobart College Studio Theatre

Wednesday 14 September 8:00 pm
Thursday 15 September 8:00 pm
Friday 16 September 8:00 pm
Saturday 17 September 8:00 pm

Ticket prices:
Adults $15.00
Concession $10.00

Bookings: Ph: +61 3 6231 2219

29 August 2005

Writer, poet Margaret Scott dies

Tasmanian poet and author, Margaret Scott, has died at the age of 71.

For several years, she suffered from emphysema, and she passed away early this morning.
She was a great teacher and an amazing poet.


Vale Margaret Scott

Tasmanian poet and author, Margaret Scott, has died at the age of 71.

More information from the ABC and other sources below.

ABC report:

For several years she suffered from emphysema, and she passed away early this morning.

Dr Scott was born in Bristol, England, in 1934. She emigrated to Tasmania in 1959 with her husband and a son. She went on to have another son, two daughters and her family was later extended to include three stepchildren. She retired as head of the University of Tasmania's English Department in 1987 to pursue writing. Her publications include the novels The Baby Farmer and Family Album, a book on Port Arthur (Port Arthur : a story of strength and courage) and numerous anthologies of poetry.

Report continues: ABC news: Monday, August 29, 2005. 3:10pm (AEST)

Other reports: background reports on Margaret Scott:
* Women Tasmania web site information -- view link

* The Write Stuff web site profile on Margaret Scott -- view link

* Information on her Collected poems, published by Montpelier Press.

* Also see George Negus Tonight program on 12/06/2003.

26 August 2005

Dinny O'Hearn Memorial Fellowship

Good news for Jane Williams, awarded the Dinny O'Hearn Memorial Fellowship in Melbourne last night. With the fellowship comes a residency at Melbourne University, the base for poets including Chris Wallace-Crabbe, Kevin Brophy and Ron Pretty.

Poets dominate University arts awards

Media Release, Friday 26 August 2005

Poets dominated literary and art prizes worth $30,000 awarded by the University of Melbourne’s Australian Centre last night.

The awards were presented by the Australian writer Kate Grenville at a Melbourne Writers’ Festival event.

Professor Kate Darian-Smith, Director of the Australian Centre, says “these are the most prestigious non-government literary awards in the country, and they play an important role in fostering Australian writing and ideas”.

Among the prizes was the $10,000 Kate Challis RAKA award, one of the most valuable and sought after prizes for Indigenous art.

This year the Australia Council in partnership with the Australian Centre launched the valuable Asher Literary Award, also valued at $10,000.

This prize is the gift of the late Helen Asher, a refugee from Nazi Germany who found sanctuary in Australia, and who became active in the literary and cultural life of her new home. She specified that the prize should go to a woman writer whose work dealt with an anti-war theme.

Award recipients are:

** Alexander Brown, this year’s winner of the Kate Challis RAKA Award for Indigenous poets. Working with linguist Brian Geytenbeek, Mr Brown collected, translated and assembled songs of the Ngarla People from the Pilbara region in WA (who retain ownership of the songs). The collection has been published by Fremantle Arts Centre Press under the title of Ngarla Songs.

** Jane Williams, a poet who won the $3,500 DJ (Dinny) O’Hearn Memorial Fellowship for emerging Australian writers. Her entry beat 90 others across the genres of fiction, poetry and drama.

** Robert Kenny, who for his manuscript, ‘The Lamb Enters the Dreaming: Nathanael Pepper & the Ruptured World’ (forthcoming by Scribe Publications), received the $5,000 Peter Blazey Fellowship for a work in progress in the genres of autobiography, biography or life writing. His work is the life-story of the ‘first’ Wotjubaluk youth to be converted to Christianity in Victoria.

** Eva Sallis, who won the $10,000 Asher Literary Award for The Marsh Birds (Allen & Unwin). Sallis’s story of the bewilderment and experiences of refugees is the first winner of this new award for women writers on anti-war themes.

** Bronwyn Lea, an Australian poet who received the $3,500 Vincent Buckley Poetry Prize. This award provides an opportunity to visit Ireland as an inspiration for writing or for research.

22 August 2005

Anne Collins' chapbook, 'The Season of Chance'

Some photos from the launch (9th August), at

along with Liz Winfield's launch speech for the book, at


20 August 2005

Blue Giraffe launch address

From Ralph Spaulding's launch speech:
A COMMENTATOR in a recent issue of the Sunday Tasmanian was right to describe the launch of Blue Giraffe I as an event of ‘very special’ significance for all poets, writers and people interested in Tasmanian literary activities.

This new poetry journal, edited, published and sponsored by Peter Macrow, is the most recent of several local publications that feature works by emerging and established poets, and confirms that poetry is achieving a recognised place in the public sphere.


This inaugural edition contains 37 poems by 19 poets, the majority of whom are Tasmanian, although some are drawn from other States. There’s a suite of 11 poems by Graeme Hetherington, the featured poet, 4 by Richard Hillman, 3 by David Mortimer and 2 each by Christina Kirkpatrick, Lidija Šimkuté and Shen. The majority of these poems are personal lyrics that demonstrate considerable variety of subject, form, imagery and length, with only one employing the traditional rhymed quatrain, so elegantly handled by Stephen Edgar.
Read the rest here.

7 August 2005

Call for Poems

Damn good coffee. Who killed Laura Palmer?
The owls are not what they seem.

Seeking poems that relive the weirdness and wonder of David Lynch's Twin Peaks for an exciting chapbook anthology, A Slice of Cherry Pie.

More details...

25 July 2005

Short story submissions sought by Cardigan Press

Cardigan Press is calling for submissions for its fourth anthology of "fast fiction" to be published in March 2006.

Submissions close on 28 September 2005.

For an idea of what they are looking for, as well as full submission guidelines, see:
Cardigan Press.

HREOC short story competition, Voices of Australia, extended

Acting Race Discrimination Commissioner, Tom Calma, announced today
that the closing date to submit stories to the Human Rights and Equal
Opportunity Commission's 'Voices of Australia' project has been
extended to Monday, 15 August.

Stories received by this date may be included in a magazine being
produced by the Commission which will feature real-life stories about
diversity and living together in contemporary Australia. Stories not
included in the magazine will be placed on our website for all to

'Voices of Australia' marks the 30th anniversary of the Racial
Discrimination Act (RDA) and will be distributed to community groups,
libraries, local councils, religious groups, government agencies and
other groups around the country.

For further information about the 'Voices of Australia' project visit:

24 July 2005

First publication from Anne Collins due for launch soon

The first publication from Anne Collins is due to be launched soon. It's a chapbook published by Walleah Press, titled, The Season of Chance. It will be launched by Liz Winfield at Hobart Bookshop on 9 August at 5.30pm.

10 July 2005

Deadline extended for The Write Stuff competitions

For the sake of those who don't visit the web site often, the deadline was extended for The Write Stuff literary competitions to 30 November 2005.

(One or two have asked why the comp. has been extended? The main reason is that in closing days of June the site was offline for periods without me knowing it, and those depending on downloading forms at that time could not do so; secondly, we were aware too late in the piece that the competition had not been advertised in certain periodicals in which we were hoping it would appear.)

In extending the competition, the extension had to be made November to accommodate other prior commitmeents for the judges.

IF anyone who had entered by the JUNE deadline is inconvenienced by this, do get in touch: Anne.Kellas [AT] the-write-stuff.com.au and we will be as flexible as need be.

Thank you very much,
Co-editor, The Write Stuff.

publishing, an F.A.W. conference meeting

Liz Winfield and FAW organised a meeting yesterday on publishing in Tasmania. About forty-five people turned up, several local publishers spoke including Edith Speers (very enthusiastic and informed talk), Tim Thorne who travelled down from Launceston (Cornfield Press isn't publishing any more, but still has stock for sale - in any case, who better to talk about publishing in Tasmania? Tim's been there, knows what he's talking about, is erudite). Lyn Reeves said a few words about the books published by Pardalote Press. "It all went too quickly," says Liz.

8 July 2005

Overload Poetry Festival 2005

August Workshop Program at the Victorian Writers Centre, Melbourne VIC. All workshops run from 3-4pm.

Please book ahead if possible as numbers are restricted at this special Overload Festival price of $10
Mon 8/8 Laying it on the Bars: Poets and Guitars - Lish and Kerry Scuffins.
Tues 9/8 Crossing the Language Barrier- The excellent Dutch-speaking poets
Wed 10/8 Black, White & Brindle - Den the Fish and Bea Ballangary.
Thurs 11/8 Microphone Handling Skills - Steve Smart & Meg Dunn.
Fri 12/8 In Print - Fiona Sievers (Flat Chat Press) and Ron Pretty (Five Islands Press).
Mon 15/8 Haiku You Too - Myron Lysenko
Tues 16/8 Poetry In Your Face - Jezza and Slick.
Wed 17/8 The Great Gonzo - Jen Jewel Brown (freelance journo/poet) and Maurice McNamara (poet/editor Deadline magazine).
Thurs 18/8 Kicking out the Jams - Citizens of Language
Fri 19/8 Running With It: Long Form Poetry. Jordie Albiston (The Fall) and John Jenkins (James Joyce Suspended Sentence Award 2004)

To book, please email Steve Smart on overload_inc @ yahoo.com.au

7 July 2005

REMOVING THE BOUNDARIES Interdisciplinary seminar

Postgraduate panel

Catriona Ross: Prolonged Symptoms of Cultural Anxiety: The Persistence of Narratives of Asian Invasion within Multicultural Australia.

Jane McGennisken - 'A little child shall lead them' - Reading Tasmanian and Victorian School Readers as encoded themes about national growth.

Friday 15 July, 4-5pm, Rm 555, Humanities Building, University of Tasmania, Sandy Bay.

For more information about the Removing the Boundaries interdisciplinary seminar series, please visit: http://www.utas.edu.au/ejel/rtb.htm

26 June 2005

This blog's online again

Well, this blog is active again.
Thanks to everyone encourages me to keep it going.
(I did not realise that it was so useful to so many).
However I would like to let it sit lightly on my shoulders, and so instead of Ivy and me being the only ones travailing to find news, do send news here, if it is relevant and gets through all the spam filters, it will go online. Thanks
Send your input to: anne +dot kellas +AT gmail +dot com (without the spaces and using traditional email formatting etc of course).

Children of Malley call for work

2005 marks the 62nd anniversary of the death of The Great Dromedary of Australian poetry, Ern Malley. To commemorate this momentous occasion, Cordite would like to invite Malley's progeny to submit poems for The Children of Ern Malley edition. Dedicated to celebrating "No-Man's Language", the Malley edition will feature poems published under noms de Malley (for instance Vivian Malley, Aloysius Malley or plain old Bert Malley). It is worth remembering that Cordite has a preference for poetry that tries to split the infinite. Beyond is anything.

Children of Malley call for work at Cordite

21 June 2005

"Positve stories"

Australians who've had 'issues' with alcohol and drugs and have beaten their problems are encouraged to inspire others by submitting their stories to a major new project, Positive Stories. The principal advisory body to government, the Australian National Council on Drugs, is coordinating the initiative. See: http://www.ancd.org.au/positivestories The site is designed to inspire people to realise they can beat their problems. It's also designed to encourage people to realise that in many parts of Australia, help is available for people battling with their problems.

20 June 2005

identity and performance workshops

There are still have some spots available for a course that Footscray Community Arts Centre is running. It's a course of performance workshops for young women (young = under 30 or thereabouts). The course tutors are Sista She. Sista She are an amazing female performance duo who work across theatre, comedy, hip hop and other forms of performance. you may have heard them on Triple J.

As part of this course (which is only $50), you get to develop skills with Sista She and have the opportunity to group devise a show to be performed at the melbourne fringe festival (performing in the show is optional). If you're a young woman with an interest in performance (whatever kind... spoken word, comedy, hip hop, theatre, etc, etc)... this is a great opportunity.

You will develop work and have the opportunity to devise and perform in a show for the 2005 Melbourne Fringe Festival. This course will provide an opportunity for you to:
build stage confidence
learn about operating as an independent artist
participate in a professionally-presented season of performance
expose your work to new audiences.

The course tutors are Candy Bowers and Sarah Ward – Sista She; Tom Cho – Assocate Artist at FCAC.

Who are Sista She?
Sista She are Sheila MC EILA and Rasheda EDA MC. They’re fresh, they’re hot, they hail from the suburbs and they are the sexiest Lady MCs in the country.

Who are Sista She really?
Candy Bowers (Rasheda EDA MC) and Sarah Ward (Sheila MC EILA) have trained and worked in the entertainment industry for over 5 years. Candy has an Acting degree from NIDA and Sarah an Acting Diploma from the Acting Centre Australia. Both Sarah and Candy have performed on stage and screen as actors, singers, comedians and hip hop artists. They first stepped onto the stage as Sista She in April 2002 and since then have performed at venues and festivals across Australia including Melbourne International Comedy Festival (2004/2005] and Melbourne Fringe Festival.

These workshops are being run as part of FCAC’s ‘I.D.’ project. I.D. is a project that explores identity – how you make it, how you fake it, and why it matters.

The workshops will run on Wednesday evenings from 15 June for ten weeks followed by a rehearsal period and the performance season.

The course began last week but there's still time to come on board. It runs from 6-9pm at Footscray Community Arts Centre.

If you have any further queries, feel free to contact us:
Tom Cho, Associate Artist
Footscray Community Arts Centre 45 Moreland Street, Footscray
tom @ footscrayarts.com

Poems, everyone's business

Doctors write poems too.

This is in the Medical Journal of Australia:

Thus we see,
by Dr Stephen Leeder.


17 June 2005

Literary Lunch reviewed by the JAS review of books

Read about Geoff Dean on the Australian Public Intellectual Network
"Multi-award winning Australian writer Geoffrey Dean proves once and for all, in his collection The Literary Lunch, that he is a writer in the true sense of the word...
"This is a book to read in the heart of the city, with people milling all around, pigeons, dirt, gritty with life, and is a book to be read, then shared, and never forgotten."

JAS Review of Books is an online monthly published in association with the Journal of Australian Studies. It's produced by the Australian Research Institute at Curtin University of Technology in association with the Australian Public Intellectual Network www.api-network.com.
Buy your copy of The Literary Lunch online or at your favourite literary bookstore.

Ripples Magazine

Call for Fiction, Poetry and Illustration Submissions

Ripples Magazine accepts unsolicited submissions all year round from writers, poets and illustrators in all disciplines and practices from anywhere in Australia. We favour the strange and unusual, the 'ooh' over 'doh!' and the emancipated imagination over timid line-toeing. We publish whenever something brilliant arrives and are always looking for something new.

15 June 2005

Fill Your Head needs you!

Actors...Poets...Performers...Musicians...Bands...Singers...DJ's...Dancers...Visual Artists...Comedians...anyone!

Dancing With Strangers' experimental stage project FILL YOUR HEAD is all about providing artists and performers with a comfortable forum in which to get their work out to the world. It gives people the chance to challenge themselves, make contact with other artists and to hopefully earn a bit of pocket money in the process. All forms of art and all levels of experience are welcome - visual, installation and performance art, music, theatre, dance, poetry, comedy and spoken word. anything really. If an audience can see, hear, touch, smell or even taste it, then it can be done at Fill Your Head!

We are looking for people to perform and display art at Fill Your Head on Saturday 25th June. Fill Your Head happens on the last Friday of every month @ Mayfields - 103 Smith Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne, VIC. The July show will be on Friday 29th.

If you want to be a part of this open stage extravaganza then email Denya: fillyourhead @ dancingwithstrangers.com

12 June 2005

Blue Dog Poetry Reviewing Competition

Announcement from the Poetry Australia Foundation, publishers of the journal, Blue Dog: Australian Poetry

Blue Dog Poetry Reviewing Competition

Closing date: 31 August each year.

Prizes: First prize: $1,000

All commended reviews will be published in one of the two following issues of Blue Dog: Australian Poetry; the reviewers will be paid $100 on publication.

Poetry reviewing is at a low ebb at present. The number of reviews published continues to shrink alarmingly, and the quality of the reviews that appear is extremely variable, even in newspapers and journals of national significance. There are some excellent reviews being written, but there are also too many that, even when they praise the book being reviewed, show little genuine engagement with the book or its matter or stylistic concerns. This competition is intended to reverse these twin downward trends: to make it possible for readers to get a sense of what poetry is available, and what they might find if they open the books reviewed.

Criteria: read on ...

1. There is no limit to the number of entries that may be submitted, but each entry must be paid for at the rate of $10.00 per entry, or $5 per entry for members of the Poetry Australia Foundation.

2. Closing date: 31st August each year.

3. The review must be at least 1,000 words.

4. The review must be of a poetry collection which:

– is published in book form

– is by a single author published in the years 2003 – 2005

– and is by an Australian poet or a poet who is a long term resident in Australia

5. The review must not have been published previously.

6. The notes in Blue Dog will provide some guidance to intending entrants.: “We’re looking for reviews in depth; perhaps a thousand words, more if the book requires it. We’re not much interested in reviews that are mere “puffs” or advertisements for the book; but nor are we looking for reviews that show how superior or clever the reviewer is at the poet’s expense. What we want is a review that genuinely engages with the poetry, so that the reader will get a good sense of the kind of poetry this is, the areas of experience it deals with, its strengths and its weaknesses, all supported by appropriate quotations from the text.” Where appropriate, reviewers might also consider how this book relates to other work by the poet being reviewed, and perhaps also where it fits in the contemporary poetry scene, both in terms of its concerns and its poetics.

7. Send entries to BTG-Blue Dog Poetry Reviewing Competition, School of Creative Arts, University of Melbourne 3010. Hard copy only. Entries must be accompanied by a cheque or money order for the appropriate amount, made out to the Poetry Australia Foundation.

This competition is made possible by the generosity of Bradley Trevor Grieve, who has donated the $1,000 first prize.

8 June 2005

Tubular Belles present...

Andy Jackson & David Prater reading new poems and classic hits
MC-ed by Paul Mitchell

Thursday 9th June 2005, 6pm to 8pm

Victorian Writers Centre, 1st floor, Nicholas Building, 37 Swanston St, Melbourne City
Entry $5 / $3, includes wine plus chapbook by Andy & David exclusive to this reading!

Guest Judge wanted for poets' comp (VIC?)

From Murtoa's BIG weekend committee [site not updated since 2002, though some info might still be relevant], Barb Devers writes:
We can cover public transport fares, accomodation & meals for Sat night plus $100

The guest poet/judge will be required to
* judge all sections ( posted out on the 14th Sept) for judging - results need to be back to us by Friday, 23rd Sept, so as we can notify the winners.
* perform own work for 30 mins. opportunity to sell any published materials eg books/CDs

Time is 1pm - 3 pm, Sunday 2nd October.
If willing to run a writers/ poetry workshop at 10am -11 30am on Sunday morning, we can negotiate costs.

Click for info about Murtoa's BIG Weekend.


Dear Writers/Poets,
Once again you are invited to participate in Poets by the Pier, which is part of Murtoa's BIG Weekend. Poets by the Pier will be held on Sunday October 2nd, commencing at 1pm near the Lake Marma Rotunda. If weather is inclement, the event will be held at the Mechanics Hall in Duncan St.

We will be starting with the Guest Poet, presenting the trophies to the winners of the School sections. These winners will be invited to read their Poems. This will be followed by the Adults‚ section. Poets are requested to meet at the Marquee at 12.45pm to collect name tags.

We are limiting entries to one poem per section (5 minutes/500 words or less). Poets may enter all 4 sections for $7 or $2 per entry (to cover administration costs). Cheque or money order to be made out to SLAAM.

As with last year, we are running a pre-judged competition. The selected winners and runners up will be invited to read on the day. Prize money is $200 cash first prize & $50 cash second prize in each section-: Humorous, Romantic, Reflective & Local Theme, thanks to the generosity of our major sponsors, GRAIN CORP

The winners of the Adult section will be announced and prizes presented at the close of the Poets by the Pier.

A copy of your poem/s MUST reach us by 12th September for judging.

You will be notified one week beforehand if your entry has been selected to read on the day. Due to time constraints on the day we can only allow approx. 20 poets to read.

Please contact Bonnie via fax: 5385 2724, or PO Box 26 Murtoa 3390 if you have any queries. A BBQ is available 12 noon at Mechanics Hall, Duncan St for those wishing to buy lunch.

We are looking forward to your participation in Poets by the Pier.

Bonnie Faull
Voluntary Co-Ordinator Murtoa's BIG Weekend

7 June 2005

Hack your way out of writer's block

All you would ever need in order to recover from writer's block ... [ link ]I've only just discovered 43 Folders ... i suppose everyone knew about it long ago. Ah well.

Little Emerson

From Alberto Romero Bermo:
'"Little Emerson" is an experiment, of sorts. It is a blog entirely dedicated to the publication of poetry. There is no formal definition for this blogzine. There is no theory, no clique. I initially chose—quite randomly ten bloggers as possible editors for Little Emerson. When I say randomly I lie, of course, because I had to think of different sensibilities and then picked as “randomly” as I could within those sensibilities. Mind you, I had to pick some people I don’t particularly agree with, but which I respect. Nine of the ten chosen agreed to participate. These editors do not know each other. This is important. They only know me as they must since I will act solely as messenger. The editors represent various personalities, various ways of looking at poetry, various styles. My job is not to get them to agree, but to get them to read, individually, poems submitted by others for publication in this cheap medium.'

6 June 2005

Reading at the City Library

This Wednesday night [8/6] will be the June edition of the new Melbourne Poets Union reading at the City Library in Flinders Lane. Not the State Library, the City Library. It's new(ish), it's funky, and you can borrow the books.

The reading is from 6.30 to 7.30pm upstairs on the groovy mezzanine art space, and it's free. Readers are:

Nita Jawary
Kathryn Hamann
Janette Fernando
Jean Seitzema-Dickson
Cam Black

4 June 2005


The first isssue of the new Blast Magazine, poetry and other critical writing, is now available. Subscription costs $20 per year for two issues of the magazine, including postage. Single issues of Blast #1 are $10 each including postage. Blast Magazine is published twice a year at the end of March and September.

Blast #1 contains 56 pages of poetry and prose. This issue includes poetry by Paul Hetherington, Timoshenko Aslanides, Leon Trainor, Chris Mansell and others; as well as articles by Patrick Brady on the poetry of Patrick Kavanagh, and by Mike Ladd of the ABC's PoeticA program, on the nature and forms of poetry.

Subscribe to Blast or order single copies by sending your name and postal address, with cheque or postal orders payable to Blast Magazine (copies are sent by return mail and receipts are issued). Address orders to:
Ann Nugent/Editor, Blast
PO Box 134, Campbell ACT
2612, Australia
ABN 85 960 231 906
Contributions of poetry and short critical prose are invited; Send to above postal address. Please enclose SSAE for return of manuscript. Contributions can be sent by email to:
anugent [AT] annsverandah.com
Deadline for contributions to Blast #2 is 15 August, 2005.

3 June 2005

Calling Published Writers - Read Tasmania

Read Tasmania will be launched in May and we invite TWC members who are published to provide us with the details of their books, so we can compile a comprehensive reading list to provide to booksellers, schools and libraries.

This is an opportunity to ensure that YOUR BOOKS are part of the new and exciting READ TASMANIA campaign.

Email admin @ tasmanianwriters.org with the following details:

Name of Author:
Name of Title:
Who distributes your books:
The R.R.P
20 engaging words that describe your book.
20 engaging words that describe the author.
A low-res jpeg file image of both the book cover and the author.

This is an ongoing opportunity.

How to Write an Application for Funding

FREE Statewide Workshop, 9 - 10 June 2005

Tasmanian artists are being encouraged to seek funding opportunities to help them reach new heights in their creative projects. To assist artists and organisations with the application process, Arts Tasmania are offering a Free workshop state-wide aptly titled: How to Write an Application for Funding.

The workshops will provide specific information on Arts Tasmania’s grants and loans programs for 2006. Information on how to write a submission for any grant program and alternative funding opportunities will be discussed, along with other arts agencies and promotional planning tips that may help to get your project off the ground.

2 June 2005

'Voices of Australia' Project

Tell Your Story for the 'Voices of Australia' Project

To mark the 30th anniversary of the Racial Discrimination Act, the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission is putting together 'Voices of Australia' -- a magazine and audio CD of real-life stories about diversity and living together in contemporary Australia.

Themes include: 'unexpected friendships', 'breaking down barriers', 'racism ... not in my backyard' and 'from tolerance to respect'.

'Voices of Australia' will be distributed to community groups, schools, libraries, local councils, religious groups, government agencies and other groups around the country.

Closing date: Friday 22 July 2005. For more information go to: http://www.hreoc.gov.au/voices/index.html

1 June 2005

Comments have been disabled

Well, I have had to disable comments due to some spammer posting rubbish as a comment to this blog. Hopefully I was the only one who saw it. So alas, if you need to send a comment, you will now need to email it to me and I will add it: anne -dot- kellas -AT- gmail (dot) com

28 May 2005

Republic Readings

Poetry & Prose Readings @ The Republic Bar & Café

A smoke-free venue
299 Elizabeth St. 3-5pm 1st Sunday of every month

These readings are supported by the Republic Bar & Cafe, the TWC, the Hobart Bookshop & the Fellowship of Australian Writers (FAW), & coordinated by Liz Winfield; leggs456 @ msn.com

Also includes details on the Winter Open Reading with Literary Prizes, Women Tasmania Poetry Workshop, Fellowship of Australian Writers Meeting, Poetry and Prose readings, Hobart Bookshop Events, FAW North West Tasmania Competition, Adult Education Poetry Workshop, Tasmanian Poetry Festival, Young Writers and Poetica.

5th June

Venie Holmgren 3- 3.30pm
Venie has performed her work in Germany, USA, Canada, and throughout Australia. Her fourth collection of poetry is War & Peace, Ginninderra Press, 2002. She lives in Pambula on the Far South Coast of NSW

Winter Open Reading with Literary Prizes 3.30pm

Book in on day, the judge is Karen Knight.

Conditions: 5 minute time limit, must be own work which has not won any prizes/competitions previously, any genre.

Prizes: TWC (3memberships + book vouchers)

1 year subscription to Famous Reporter

1 year subscription to Island Magazine

$25 Book Voucher from Hobart Bookshop

Raffle: There will be a raffle to raise money to run the venue. The pub & TWC pay the readers and judge, but all money to pay for expenses for flyers, phone calls, and postage is raised by donation. There will be a gnome in attendance.

The rest of the year looks like this:
3rd July: Henry Sheerwater & Dee Gibson + launch of The Poets‚ Republic #11

7th August: Jenny Barnard & Stuart Solman

4th September: National Poetry Week- 6 Poets: Tim Thorne, Esther Ottaway, Benny Walter, May Carroll, Marilyn Arnold and Jane Williams + launch of The Poets‚ Republic #12 + The Hobart Poetry Pot

2nd October: James Charlton & Louise Oxley

6th November: Kathryn Lomer & Pete Hay + launch of The Poets‚ Republic #13

4th December: Summer Open Reading with Prizes


Women Tasmania Poetry Workshop
Thursday 9 June 2-4pm (please note sessions are back to 2nd Thursday in the month)

Liz Winfield will take a POETRY WORKSHOP AT WOMEN TASMANIA 140 Macquarie Street Hobart 7000. Access for people with disabilities (1 car space also available).

Liz Winfield received an Arts Tasmania grant to assist with writing the collection Too Much Happens, a response to living with chronic illness and disability, which was published by Cornford Press in 2003. Liz is known as a literary Events organiser for the Republic Readings. She is series editor of rePUBlic readings chapbooks and the editor of The Poets‚ Republic broadsheet and a poetry editor and reviewer for Famous Reporter. Liz is the current state president of FAW (Fellowship of Australian Writers) and edits their newsletter Tascribe.


FAW Meeting
June 11th Saturday 2pm - FAW Meeting at Friends‚ Meeting House, 395 Argyle St., North Hobart.

All welcome.

NB This is our first Saturday afternoon meeting for the year. All of the winter meetings will be held on Saturday afternoons.

The afternoon will include the Nairda Lyne results, Patron‚s competition, plus Members‚ readings and an afternoon tea in honour of life member Ted Sturges‚ 50th year of membership; please bring a plate.


Poetry Reading
Monday 13 June 7.30- ~ 10pm at Gallus Bar and Restaurant in Cameron Street, Launceston (opposite the old Post Office Building). Poetry lovers and attendees of Poetry Pedlars in Launceston are welcome to bring some poems to read or just come along and help us celebrate the new venue! No meals, but there's a bar.

Our competition is to write a monosyllabic poem involving some action (e.g. walking, drinking, flying....) The prize is a bottle of white wine. Catch us 2nd Monday of each month.


Prose Reading

Sunday 19 June 2005, 2.30ˆ3.30pm Royal Society Room, Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, 19 Davey St Hobart. Adelaide-based Nancy Flannery and her husband Ian will present an impassioned reading from „This Everlasting Silence: The Love Letters of Paquita Delprat and Douglas Mawson 1911ˆ1914‰. Between the icy expanses of Antarctica, across the Southern Ocean to Australia and Europe, these revealing letters tell of another side of the heroic age these remarkable letters. Free but bookings essential as numbers are limited. Phone TMAG Booking Line on 6211 4189


Hobart Bookshop Events
Thursday 9 June 5.30pm The Hobart Bookshop 22 Salamanca Square invites you to the celebration for the release of Family Baggage with best selling author Monica McInerney. All welcome to this FREE event.

Saturday 18 June 4pm The Hobart Bookshop 22 Salamanca Square invites you to the launch of Frank Madill's book, If You Faint, Fall Backwards!, an entertaining and insightful book telling of his experiences as a doctor. All welcome to this FREE event.

Thursday the 23 June 5.30pm The Hobart Bookshop 22 Salamanca Square.
Roaring Forties Press, in association with Jacana Media in Johannesburg, invites you to the launch of Chaos and Theory Of  The Heart by poet Lionel Abrahams. "Lionel Abrahams dedicated his life to literature and the refining power of literature over the human spirit" (J.M. Coetzee)
Peter Macrow, managing editor of Blue Giraffe Press invites you to the launch Blue Giraffe #1.

All welcome to this FREE event.

FAW North West Tasmania Competition
Our competition for anecdote or short short story in conjunction with the Devonport Library has been finalised. Word limit 300 to be fitted onto one A4 sheet of paper (one-and-a-half spacing). 

Conditions of entry include author's willingness to have work displayed in the library after judging and that work to be suitable for public display. 

Work will be displayed from 11-30th. July.

Closing date is 30th. June 2005 - entries to be dropped in at the library or posted to 'The Secretary, 8 Tingha Place, East Devonport....7310.'

First prize $50.00 - 2nd. prize $25.00 and certificates. Prize money is sponsored by Barney Roberts.

If under 18 years of age to be stated on entry. Usual competition rules (The author's name must not appear on manuscripts. The author's name, phone number, address, email address (if applicable), and the title of the work must be written on a separate sheet. Only the title of the work should appear on the manuscript. Entries must be the original work of the entrant, be unpublished, and not have won a prize in any other competition). No entry form required. ENTRY IS FREE.


Adult Education Poetry Workshop
Liz Winfield will be taking a one-day poetry writing workshop on Sunday 21 August for Adult Education in Hobart. The workshop will include writing exercises from which poems will be born. The workshop covers the ground from inspiration to publication. Lots of handouts and lots of fun.


Tasmanian Poetry Festival
14 - 16 October , Launceston. On the guest list this year: Robert Adamson, Ian McBryde, Lauren Williams, Louise Oxley, Caroline Fisher, Susan Kruss, Ron Riddell (from NZ) and Steve Kilbey, who may be familiar to many people as the lead singer with seminalAussie band The Church. Please contact Cameron at tpf_inc @ yahoo . com


Young Writers
For National Poetry Week there'll be an extra Poets' Republic dedicated to young writers work. I'm aiming for the grade 12 writers‚ workshop students. Under 20's I guess.

The Zum cafe  reading (competition for Writers' Workshop students) is on Thursday August 18th, so there‚ll be time to include the best entries from the reading. I‚d like to encourage all young writers to submit their best work before this date though. Anything accepted that doesn‚t fit into the young writers‚ issue will appear in subsequent issues of The Poets' Republic. This issue is made possible by donations and although payments to contributors has ceased, contributors to this specific issue will receive $5 in stamps per poem. It‚s not much, but the principle means much to writers I believe.


Presented by Mike Ladd, ABC Radio Saturday at 3.05 PM, repeated 9.05 PM Thursday

4 I Could Teach Bamboo about Emptiness- the poetry of Andrew Lansdown. 

11 The Poetry of Work- an anthology of Australian and international poems celebrating or bemoaning work and working life. 

18 Bob Dylan: When I Paint my Masterpiece- the music and poetry of Bob Dylan. 

25 U.A Fanthorpe: Underground Rivers- selected poems written and read by a quietly brilliant English poet. 

2 The Poetry of Men's Lives- a world anthology reflecting on masculine identity. 

9 Gwen Harwood- selected works of one of Australia's best-loved poets.

16 Laurie Anderson: Let X=X- Laurie Anderson speaks about and performs her work.

23 The Learning Curve- John Foulcher's sequence of poems about a fictitious Catholic secondary school.

30 Breaking the Silence- a century of South African women's poetry.

For further details, please contact the producers of Poetica. Visit the website at www.abc.net.au/rn/arts/poetica

25 May 2005

New kid on the block

The University of Tasmania is stepping into the Tasmanian publishing industry with its own Arts Tasmania and UTAS-funded 'Quintus Publishing Limited'.

There was an ad, apparently, in the Saturday Mercury (get your magnifying glass out or you will miss it) for a Director of Publishing; an announcement on TV last night and something in the Mercury today.

The new press will have its offices within the School of English. Contact details for further information: Ms Lynne Uptin, Director, Arts Tasmania.

Short story competitions to enter in 2019

Thanks to the Australian Writers Centre, here's a list of s hort story competitions to enter in 2019: https://www.writerscentre.com.au/...