4 November 2004


A special Seminar to end the academic year!

Professor Gillian Whitlock
University of Queensland

"Soft Targets, Afghan Texts"

Why are there so many life narratives by and about Afghan women in the bookstores right now? What are they doing, and how did they get there? This paper focusses on the production, marketing and reading of a selection of these texts produced since 2001. A critical issue will be how the preoccupation with the burqa in Western representations of the women of Afghanistan is taken up by Afghan activists themselves.

Thursday, 11 November at 4.00 pm in Room 555
English Department, Uni of Tas

Removing the Boundaries is hosted by the School of English, Journalism and European Languages in HUM 555. For further information, please contact Lucy Frost (L.Frost @ utas. edu. au or 6226 2921).

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