7 November 2004

Invitation: Exhibition of poets associated with the University of Tasmania

Inspired by the Showcase of Tasmanian Poetry at The Write Stuff, the Morris Miller Library at the University of Tasmania is planning an exhibition in its foyer focused around poets who have over the years been associated in one way or another with the University of Tasmania.

The foyer at the university's social sciences library on the Hobart campus, the Morris Miller Library, has become something of a focal point in recent times for its artistic and cleverly compiled displays -- the work of reference librarian turned web librarian Gill Ward.

If you wish to put forward names of poets for this exhibition, please send details (name of poet, something about their work and of course something about how they are or were associated with UTAS) as well as your own contact details in case there's a need to verify something, via email to: Gillian Ward at UTAS (to avoid spam to her address, please note that her email address is her name separated by a dot, and then the usual @ symbol followed by utas.edu.au)

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