28 October 2004

Teen angst badness for Voiceworks Zine

O world, take pity on me ...
I am alone in an unfeeling universe ...
Flying through a cloudless sky of shit ...
I thought you loved me but you're a bitch ...
Torture me with with cryptic love.

Go to your attics, reach under your beds, unlock those daggy teen diaries with their daggy little locks, and send your most mortifying poetry efforts to Voiceworks! we're putting together a special "teen angst" zine as a supplement for our GROTESQUE issue, and everyone is welcome to contribute. The worst the verse, the better. We can't pay you, but we CAN share your pain.

Send submissions to editor @ expressmedia. org. au, with TEEN ANGST BADNESS in the subject line. DEADLINE: FRIDAY 5 NOVEMBER.

May the angst be with you!

Tom Doig - Voiceworks Editor

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