31 October 2004

"RePUBlic Readings" chapbook n.9 AND the broadsheet, "The Poets’ Republic"

There are two publications in Tasmania with similar-sounding names:

1) The "RePUBlic Readings chapbooks" is an occasional series of excellent poetry drawn from Tasmanian poets. Issue No. 8 came out in September 2004, and No. 9 is due out in December: its launch will be at the next in the series of Hobart poetry readings held on the first Sunday of every month at the Republic Bar and Cafe: SUNDAY 5 DECEMBER. Mark you diary now. The series editor is Liz Winfield and the editor of issues no. 8 and 9 is poet, Peter Macrow.

2) "The Poets’ Republic" is a poetry broadsheet: it comes out every two months and is edited by Liz Winfield, organiser of the "RePUBlic Readings" held at the "RePUBlic Bar and Cafe. The next issue will be launched on Sunday November 7, at the "RePUBlic Bar and Cafe" at the reading to be given by Lyn Reeves and Adrienne Eberhard -- details in later post.
Photo of Liz Winfield

The publisher of both publications is Ralph Wessman (Walleah Press, PO Box 368 North Hobart Tasmania 7008).


Anonymous said...

Hi Anne,
Congrats on this blog, I have been looking for Australian literature blogs and I thought you might like to know this is the only one I've found so far! after two Google searches (library student here).
Looks okay despite your display probs - content is what brings people back. Have you thought about getting in touch with Blogger about it - most people seem to have their share of tech probs but they iron out eventually.
I am really enjoying an American blog, The Elegant Variation at http://marksarvas.blogs.com/elegvar/ as I have read a lot of Australian stuff (in hard copy) and need to get out and about. However I think the blog thing needs to get happening down here - if I didn't have a large family I'd get into it myself.

Cheers and best wishes,

Anonymous said...

rePUBlic readings 9 launch date -
it is intended that it be launched on the first Sunday
in December at the Republic Bar and Cafe in North Hobart.
Peter Macrow
editor, rePUBlic readings 9

Is the system being gamed, and "Does Australia Need an ICAC for Poetry?"

Does Australia Need an ICAC for Poetry?  David Musgrave's article in Southerly is not new, but it's worth reading if you missed it....