30 October 2004

Poems Wanted for Poetry Crimes

The Red Room Company's new project 'Poetry Crimes' wants 12 poems that explore the theme of Crime and justice, in Australia. Poetry Crimes will be an online and audio anthology, to be launched in 2005. Selected poets will be recorded reading their poems and interviewed by Johanna Featherstone for national and international community radio broadcast, plus online distribution at www.redroomorganisation.org

Poems can be any length and style but must be original and unpublished. Ballads on convict crime, odes on corporate greed, pantoums on plagiarism - any poem that responds to 'crime and justice' will be considered.

Send no more than 4 poems to PO Box 1389 Darlinghurst NSW 1300 by December 13 or visit www.redroomorganisation.org for details. Australian poets (citizens) living or working in New Zealand, USA or UK are also able to apply.

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