14 August 2004

This Sunday in Melbourne
Dorothy Porter (author of The Monkey's Mask)
Meg Dunn
and trapeze performance by Tomoko

at bar open, 8pm, upstairs

femme journey:for the overload poetry festival

come warm your sunday with a glass of wine and performance by four incredible women

  • DOROTHY PORTER (The Monkey's Mask)

When was the last time you watched someone fly?

  • Tomoko Yamasaki is an imagery and avantgarde performance artist with deep passion - in the word of body. She is currently working with Spin Sisters - "Spin Out"and BBO4 - "the Night within the Day" for the fringe festival 2004.
Also she is creating new performing work "PAUSE" is showing in December at the Foundry. Visit www.spinsisters.com.au

  • Meg Dunn (winner of 2002 fringe awards)...
  • Rosanne Burstan

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