20 August 2004

Swap Meet 2

Hot rocking poets at Swap Meet 2
3pm, Sunday, 22nd August
Grainery Lane, 34 Doveton Street, Sth Ballarat
We've got poets, we've got poets and we've got poets.

The magnificent Eric Beach from Minyip, Amelia Walker all the way from Adelaide, Patrice Braun and Michael Groth representing Ballarat. Music by Danielle Peebles from Melbourne. MC Georgie Green.

And while it will cost you a measly five bucks, you do get to see some hot rocking poets, plus a free swap meet zine, featuring work by all the performers from swap Meets 1 and 2. Plus the first ones through the door will also receive a free Passion Pop zine...

But that's not all! Feel free to bring along zines, books, CDs, etc of your OWN CREATION to swap or sell (on swapping floor, oops table) with, or to, all the other (hopefully) heaps of people there.

Be in the running for the fabulously small but rockin door prize.

And if you like jazz, Victoria's finest Adam Simmons(of the famous Toy Band) and Andrew Ogbourne will be playing the front bar at 6pm, right after the Swap Meet. Your swap meet stamp will get you in for a discounted 3 bucks.

Why not come to Ballarat on Saturday night? You can check out Trouble in Ballarat featuring Cam Black, Kerryn Tredrea, Allan Boyd, Meg Dunn, Kelly-lee Hickey, Lisa Greenaway, Steve Smart and more...

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