25 August 2004

Robopoems wanted

Robopoems poetry competition!
Port Phillip Library Service, in association with Cordite Poetry Review, is pleased to announce its inaugural poetry writing competition. To tie in with Port Philip Library Service’s celebration of Online Poetry during the 2004 Melbourne Writer’s festival, the theme for the competition is the expressly technological: ROBOT POETRY.

Write a poem about your favourite robot.
Write a poem that contemplates robothood.
Write a poem with words that rhyme with robot in it.
Build a robot and have it write a poem.

Take this theme as broadly or as literally as you like, simply engage with the technology.

Winners will be published online in a Cordite Poetry Review featurette.

The top four robot poets will each receive a $50.00 book voucher courtesy of Collected Works Bookshop. Six other winners receive a fabulous Cordite giftpack, including a Cordite T-Shirt and a copy of Tom Clark’s brand new book– OI: poewemz bii tom see, with illustrations by Charles Lake (COD 2004). There will also be a special prize given to the top young poet (under 25) in the competition.

Poem length is limited to 20 lines or less. The closing date for entries is Friday 22 October 2004.

For more information on the Port Phillip Library and a .pdf download of competition rules, click on this link.

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Anne Kellas said...

Ivy, the new features I have enabled -- what do you really think of them? eg your robo poem post.

I used that posting to try out the 'read more' feature. But the blockquote tag played havoc with the span tag, (not your fault at all) and it seems the issue is, if one uses the blockquote tag use it after, not before, the span class="fullpost" instruction, so it does not go awry.

What are your thoughts? I can easily revert things to 'as they were' before the 'read more' business. ???

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