28 August 2004

The Program

The Ozco-funded website, The Program has kindly given Tasmanian writers -- and this blog -- some attention [Link].

Reporter Ellie Court also writes for the new [online] incarnation of "Leatherwood". Ellie says she is keen for news for her many strings to bows, and writes:

"If you have a Tasmanian poetry event or opportunity to publicise, why not let local writer Ellie Court know about it? Ellie contributes to various online and print publications and is Arts Reporter for The PROGRAM. She also presents a weekly arts round-up on ABC RADIO [936 ABC Hobart]. Email: ellie [AT] theprogram.net.au. Accompanying images are always appreciated; jpegs of around 100k ideal. "

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Is the system being gamed, and "Does Australia Need an ICAC for Poetry?"

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