19 August 2004

Overload Poetry Festival 2004

The Overload Poetry website is go:
Notes From The Overload Overfiend

This year's Overload Program is out of control! Huge!! Massive!!! Sprawling and Epic!!!! Overseas special guests, interstate special guests, local special guests... they're all special. And there's so many of them. More poets than ever before, more gigs, more workshops, more surprises and more audience members. And that's where you come in. Bring your friends, family, the stranger you were checking out on the bus when you picked up this program... Not that we're encouraging stalking, just, y'know, spread the word.

...The 2004 Overload Poetry Festival is dedicated with all our love to the memory of Sandon Mcleod (1954-2004) - Poet, editor, designer, co-founder of Overload and the star in our collective sky.

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