8 August 2004

New Zealand Science Fiction Poetry Anthology: Call for Submissions

New Zealand Science Fiction Poetry Anthology: Call for Submissions
Mark Pirie (http://headworx.eyesis.co.nz/about/piriem.php) and Tim Jones (http://users.actrix.co.nz/timjones) are editing an anthology of New Zealand science fiction poetry. The anthology will include both new and reprinted work. You are invited to submit your work to the anthology.

What we're looking for
We want science fiction (SF) poetry. So what's that? It's poetry that speculates about the future, other worlds (inner or outer, virtual or real), space and time, and ways that reality might be, or become, different. It's also poetry that uses the metaphors, imagery, and even cliches of science fiction to explore the world we think we know. And it's poetry that doesn't fit any of those criteria, but that we know is good SF poetry when we read it.

We are happy to consider either original or reprinted work. If your work has been previously published, please send full publication details with your submission. Both New Zealand-resident writers, and writers who are resident overseas but have spent a substantial part of their lives in New Zealand, are welcome to submit.

What we're not looking for
We're not looking for fantasy or horror poetry, or mainstream "realistic" poetry, without SF elements; neither are we looking for poetry about science that doesn't have an element of speculation.

Deadlines and limits

The deadline for submissions is 15 November 2004. The editors will be making their choices and replying to submitters over the summer, with a view to publication in 2005.

There is no set line length limit on submissions, but long poems will have to be exceptionally good to be accepted.

How to submit
Please submit up to four poems by email to both mpirie @ xtra . co . nz and timjones @ actrix . co . nz

We prefer to receive the poems in the body of your email message. If, for some reason, you need to send them as an attachment, please send them as either plain text or Rich Text Format. With your submission, please include a contact email address which will still be current in early 2005, or a contact phone number.

If you cannot submit by email, please post your poems to both these addresses:

Tim Jones, 87 Ellice St, Mt Victoria, Wellington 6001
Mark Pirie, 97/43 Mulgrave Street, Thorndon, Wellington

You are welcome to include a brief cover letter or note with your poems, stating previous publication credits. However, this is not essential.

How we'll respond
We will contact all submitters, both successful and unsuccessful, when we have finished the selection process. Therefore, you may not hear from us until early 2005. If we have queries or suggestions about your work, we'll be in touch sooner.


A payment will be made for accepted work. The level of payment will not be finalised until the final size and publication details of the anthology are confirmed.

Finally, to find out more about SF poetry, check out the Science Fiction Poetry Association web site at http://www.sfpoetry.com

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