2 July 2004

You, rhymers, you, make haste and be swift, attend to the Swift Satire Competition

From the website:
The Kilkenny International Swift Society are pleased to invite submissions of a satirical poem, in the spirit and style of Swift, on a topic of social/political interest. The competition is both a celebration of Swift as one of Ireland’s greatest satirists, and an invitation to contemporary writers to ‘translate’ his manner into a modern setting.

In keeping with Swiftian tradition, the poem should be substantial in length (approximately 50 lines), and written throughout in rhyming couplets: examples of Swift’s poetical practice in this form, which entrants may wish to consult, are his famous satires, “A Panegyric on the Reverend Dean Swift”, “A Panegyric on the Dean”, “Verses on the Death of Dr Swift”, and “A Character, Panegyric, and Description of the Legion Club”.

The poem must be written in English, but its subject may refer to any country or culture or period. The judges of the competition are looking for a poem that displays a winning combination of technical skill and poetic humour – a combination which distinguishes most of Swift’s ironic and satirical verse. They are also interested to see how an eighteenth-century form might be adapted to new times and circumstances.

Entrants should submit only one poem, two copies of which should be included.

Prize: Eur 1,000

Closing date: 24th July 2004. Winners will be announced in mid-August.

Entry Fee: A single entry fee of USD 6.00, Eur 5.00 , £3.60 Stg or AUD 12.00 should accompany each submission by the entrant

Judge: Professor Joe McMinn, University of Ulster

Address: Entries should be sent to "Swift Satire Competition, c/o Margaret Liston, Ballyragget, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland". There is no application form for entry to the competition.

Email Entries: Entries may also be submitted by email to info AT swiftsociety DOT com. Poems may be pasted into the email or submitted as an attachment preferably in .rtf format. In the case of work submitted by email, the entry fee should arrive in the post not later than 17th July.

Checks/Drafts should be payable to Kilkenny International Swift Society. Work submitted without an entry fee will not be read.

The judge and committee reserves the right to withhold a prize in the event of entrants failing to achieve the required standard.

All entries received via postal mail must be in typewritten format.

Each entry should contain a cover sheet with the author's name, address, and telephone number and/or FAX and/or email address. ONLY the cover sheet should have this information. In the case of work submitted by post, entries longer than one page should be stapled together.

Entries should be the author's original work and should not have previously been published.

Copyright of the winning entries will be retained by the Kilkenny International Swift Society for the purpose of publishing the winning entries in a future anthology or as excerpts for the promotion of satire.

Contestants should keep copies of their submission as entries cannot be returned.

In the case of work submitted by post or email, the committee can bear no responsibility for non-delivery of the entries. For posted applications contestants should put a clear return address on the envelope in case of non-delivery.

For further information, please contact Margaret Liston at info AT swiftsociety DOT com

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