9 June 2004

New issue of The Surface is Online

The new issue of The Surface has four Tasmanian poets among its many contributions (Eli Jones, Peter Macrow, Kitty Madeson and Anne Kellas)

This particular issue is dedicated to ideas and images revolving around "Myth & Magik"

The next Issue will be following the theme of "Nature & Nurture"
The deadline for copy and artwork is on or BEFORE the 10th August 2004. Please follow the submission guidelines on the web site:
The Surface: Contributing editor positions available.
The Editor seeks several contributing editors for The Surface. Positions available in all areas of the magazine including promotion and links. Fully independent positions with responsibility only to the Editor. Please mail Thomas Cochrane with details of your experience and what you would do if the job was yours (no payment for these positions.)

Thomas Cochrane, Editor http://www.surfaceonline.org

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