13 May 2004

If you happen to be in Newcastle, Sydney, drop in on this event. From the email:
there's gonna be a zine-making workshop at the pod. so come along, cos it will be fun.

if you're one of those people who've always wanted to make a zine, but never have, then you should definitely come along. in fact, if you've never thought about making a zine, you should come along. let us entice you into the world of self-publishing.

it's also a great chance to put in some zine hours before the next octapod zine launch, which will be held on June 14th (email us to let us know if you wanna launch something).

there'll be lots of things to cut up and work with - this is why we ask for a donation - to cover costs. and there'll be coffee, too (yes, we realise it's 10am on a saturday morning).

Date: 22nd May
Venue: Octapod, upstairs in TPI House, cnr of King & Auckland Sts
Time : 10am-1pm
Cost : $5 (or small donation)
Email : [ashley @ octapod . org or paul @ octapod . org]
Phone : 4927 0470

proudly brought to you by octapod, hunter writers centre, and 2 til 5 theatre

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