20 May 2004

2004 NSW Premier's Literary Award

Pam Brown, Dear Deliria: New & Selected Poems (Salt Publishing)
Dear Deliria is impressive for its provocative and witty engagement with personal, social and political issues. Brown's erudition is everywhere evident in her work and it is lightly worn. She invites reconsideration of mundane experiences and events. Her take on loss, including loss of friends, places and things coolly appraises the ability of language to cope with the phenomenon, and she subtly enquires into the ability of language to mediate between the observed world and the observer. Her poetry's formal structures and appearance attractively emphasise the edginess of language and attest to her emotional honesty, daring and intellectual curiosity.
(Source: 2004 NSW Premier's Literary Awards web page)

The 2004 NSW Premier's Literary Award Winners are:

Barry Hill
Pam Brown
Kierin Meehan
David Metzenthen
Martin Thomas
Inga Clendinnen
Brian Castro
Stephen Sewell

and as I write, they are reading at the Sydney Writers Festival.
(I can't hear them though, as I am not there : > )

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