10 April 2004

"Excess: Rapture and Revolution"

"Excess: Rapture and Revolution", An Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Symposium, 11 June, 2004 Graduate Centre, University of Melbourne
This is a one-day symposium organised by the editors of antiTHESIS and postgraduates in the Department of English with Cultural Studies at the University of Melbourne.
The symposium will bring together postgraduate scholars and creative writers from across Australia and overseas for a day of interdisciplinary debate and academic exchange.
"We invite papers which consider the momentum of excess, as a stimulus for subjective transformation and political upheaval, as a spur to rapture and revolution. Excess suggests the limits of knowledge, experience, language, production, consumption and power, and simultaneously the rejection and dissolution of such limits.
"Scholars and creative writers are invited to direct their contribution to one of the following themes:
  • bodies and pleasure
  • hedonism, decadence, the sublime
  • the spectacle of excess
  • censorship, discipline and regulation
  • the subjective experience of excess as creative and destructive
  • excess as a thematic and stylistic feature of literary production
  • cultural forms of excess (for example, carnival, consumerism, fetishism, and technologies)
  • political revolutions as the scene of real or imagined excess
  • revolutions in the history of ideas (based on the concept of excess)
'Proposals of no more than 250 words are sought for twenty-minute papers addressing the theme of "Excess: Rapture and Revolution". Please send abstracts in the text of an email (not as an attachment) to antithesis@adhocalypse.arts.unimelb.edu.au by 26 April 2004. All proposals will be considered and responded to by 3 May 2004.
'We are pleased to announce that a limited amount of funding will be made available to subsidise the cost of travel for interstate participants.
"Excess: Rapture and Revolution" is the theme of volume 15 of antiTHESIS, Australia's longest-running interdisciplinary postgraduate journal. Presenters at the symposium will be encouraged to submit their work for publication in the fully-refereed 2005 edition of antiTHESIS.
"Fuse" is the theme of volume 14 of antiTHESIS -- the 2004 edition will be formally launched in April. Please see http://www.english.unimelb.edu.au/antithesis/ for more information.
SOURCE: Colloquy: text theory critique
url: http://www.arts.monash.edu.au/others/colloquy

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