10 April 2004

"Dialogue Across Cultures: Identity, Place, Culture"

"Dialogue Across Cultures: Identity, Place, Culture", November 12-14, Melbourne hosted by the Centre for Australian Indigenous Studies at Monash University.
Keynote and Plenary Speakers:
  • Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak (confirmed)
  • Sneja Gunew (confirmed)
  • Dipesh Chakrabarty (to be confirmed)
  • Jonathan Friedman (to be confirmed)
  • Mason Durie (to be confirmed)
  • Rob Jahnke (confirmed)
  • Arohia Durie (confirmed)
  • Tipene O'Reagan (to be confirmed)
  • Mick Dodson (confirmed)
  • Martin Nakata (confirmed)
  • Ghassan Hage (to be confirmed)
  • Paul Patton (confirmed)
  • Patrick Wolfe (confirmed)
  • Lynette Russell (confirmed)
  • Marcia Langton (confirmed)
  • Nikos Papastergiadis (to be confirmed)
Despite the fact that Indigenous, migrant, diasporic and minority cultures and identities can be taken to conceived in similar ways, in terms of a relation to an assumed 'proper' place, form, state or 'home', for example, the assumption of their alike-ness itself has a cultural politics that prompt a range of questions: What is the basis for comparisons, similarities or differentiation? The notion of 'culture-in-general', some 'proper' state, place or form, rather than offering a foundation or basis for generalization across these contexts, is often a point of contestation and debate.
The challenges offered to conceptualizations of culture and cultural identity by notions of hybridity, mimicry and recent theorizations of the politics of representation, identity and difference, have had enormous influence over a broad range of disciplines, and in relation to greatly varied social and cultural contexts. Yet, the significance of these works has differed considerably due to the way they have intersected with specific local issues and concerns. Part of their significance seems to be due to ways they have resonated with various locally specific concerns, approaches and issues. In some ways, this points to a type of cultural translation, or localizing reception that has re-inscribed and re-articulated these insights in terms that are often very different from those intended by the authors.
We are inviting abstracts for this exciting international conference on the following topics or related themes:
* The relationship between identity, culture, representation and place
* The construction of identity and culture
* Cultures and rights
* The place of identity
* Indigeneity and multiculturalism
* Diversity and difference
* Indigenous and multicultural education
* Representing and performing difference
* History, Knowledge and Indigenous culture
* Indigenous and minority nationalisms
* Globalisation and culture
* Hybridity and culture
* Race and culture
* Art and cultural difference
Please end your abstract of 500 words or less to: "Dialogues Across Cultures" organising committee Centre for Australian Indigenous Studies Monash University VIC 3800 Australia
Or by email to Stephen.Pritchard@arts.monash.edu.au
Abstract must be received by April 30th. They will then be reviewed by the organisation committee. Unfortunately, due to the scale of the conference, only a limited number of papers can be accepted.
SOURCE: Colloquy: text theory critique
url: http://www.arts.monash.edu.au/others/colloquy

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