11 March 2004

MicroFiction Project: Express Media and Next Wave Festival
closing date 1 April 2004

Look up and see your text in lights.

Voiceworks magazine's Microfiction project for the 2004 Next Wave Festival takes fiction off the page and places it on public screens at ACMI and around the Melbourne CBD from 18 to 30 May 2004.

They're looking for extremely short stories by young Australian writers to splice into the regular programming on teletype tickers and LCD screens, infusing public spaces with a little fiction energy.

The project encourages young writers to experiment with narratives constrained by a limit of 25 words and takes their art to a broad audience. They're accepting up to 10 pieces of writing of 25 words each from people under 30 years old. The guidelines are attached, email if you need more info.

Email: editor AT expressmedia DOT org DOT au

[via Going Down Swinging's news page]

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