29 February 2004

Literary clicks
  • Poetry, visuals, beats in British Asian club scene [link]
  • Mo' Moetry [link]
  • Keats home new and old [link]
  • New Scots Makar moved 14y.o. Minister [link]
  • Poet Billy Collins answers questions [link]
  • Linton Kwesi Johnson, unofficial poet laureate of 'angry Black Britain' [link]
  • NZ's talking post boxes spout poetry [link]
  • Creativity in Oxford? [link]

For the 2004 Next Wave Festival in Melbourne in May, Voiceworks is gathering a stack of short short short stories for very public display around the CBD. We’re looking for stories that are less than 25 words and we need them by 1 April.

Narratives, fiction, poetry, non-fiction, insights, comments, text graphics; words that will make an impact on the Melbourne cityscape and give people some creative breathing space in places usually bombarded by advertising or too busy to look up.

Submission guidelines
• Each story is less than 25 words
• Include a three-word headline
• Attach a 25-word biography for the website (essential. We’ll make it up if you don’t)
• Content must be G-rated, your own work and previously unpublished
• Be under 30 (welcome back to those who have fallen off the Voiceworks age page … here’s your chance to come back to the fold for one exciting project)
• Only submit 10 pieces
• No formatting
• Include your name (and pseudonym if you want one)
• List your contact details (email, post, phone)
• We can’t pay you for your published work, but we put your bio on the site and credit you on the piece. Surely it’s the fame, not the money you want?


Send submissions and queries to:
Voiceworks Microfiction
42 Courtney Street
North Melbourne 3051
Tel 03 9326 8367

24 February 2004

Kelwyn Sole, Lionel Abrahams, in the new New Contrast

Do check out the online presence of the literary magazine, New Contrast. Speaking of the most recent issue, its editor writes:
" New Contrast can now claim two Nobel laureates as patrons [J.M. Coetzee and Nadine Gordimer] ... Challenging the hegemony of prose, however, is an unusally strong represent-ation of work from some of the country's foremost poets. Lionel Abrahams and Kelwyn Sole entrench their stature as poets of international regard, while the award-winning Rustum Kozain offers three powerful new pieces."

Kelwyn Sole is a South African poet whom I remember from my days at Wits University (the University of Witwatersrand is based in Braamfontein, just a block or two north of the very central heart of Johannesburg). I never spoke to him because I was too shy -- he was -- is still I am sure -- a blond Adonis-like poetic figure whose poetry even then shone. I came across this poem by Kelwyn Sole while looking at a new literary site at the University of Cape Town.

Lionel Abrahams is represented in The Write Stuff in vol.6. He is the driving force behind South African poetry in so many ways, both as an acclaimed poet and as a publisher (e.g. the small literary press, Purple Renoster) and also has contributed so much as an editor (e.g. Sesame).

11 February 2004

The Red Room Company seeks new poets for a variety of projects

The Red Room Company creates, produces and distributes poetry projects to the public, and is currently seeking new poets for a variety of projects:

The Red Room Company's artistic director writes:
'We focus on providing new opportunities to young, new and emerging poets, which includes collaborations with established writers and artists. Our projects use alternatives to traditional poetry production (radio, online, events) to positively transform and challenge the everyday with language. Through our audio projects and online distribution we reach urban, rural and regional audiences nationally, and our international presence is growing.'

Submissions are now open for poets of all styles and individuals working with text for the Red Room Company's 2004 projects,including Sydney Writers' Festival events, public work projects and individual radio and online commissions. So send, via email or post, up to three -- and no more than three -- examples of your writing along with a biography to: Johanna@redroomorganisation.org or to The Red Room Company, PO Box 1389, Darlinghurst NSW 1300
Web site: http://www.redroomorganisation.org.
(Source: Johanna Featherstone; email to The Write Stuff, 12/02/2004)

Poetry Masterclass with Dorothy Porter & Luke Davies

In Sydney: As part of the Sydney Writer's Festival, if you have a spare $345 or so, and time to spend two consecutive Saturdays in Sydney in May, you can sign up for a Poetry Masterclass with Dorothy Porter & Luke Davies:

In association with Sydney University Open Education this masterclass offers participants a rare glimpse into the working methods of two of Australia's finest poets, Dorothy Porter and Luke Davies. It will consist of one day with each presenter and will focus on practical exercises along with a discusssion about Dorothy and Luke's own work and experience as published poets. The class will be invaluable for people with some creative writing experience who are interested in exploring poetry, as well as for current poets wanting to draw inspiration from two outstanding writers.

Saturdays May 15 & 22 9.30am - 4.30pm

2 days cost $345 and can be booked by calling 02 9351 2907, quoting course number 042 6330
(Dorothy Porter is the author of six collections of poetry and three verse novels, including the acclaimed Monkey's Mask and Wild Surmise (short-listed for the Miles Franklin Award in 2003).
Luke Davies is an award -winning poet and novelist. His poetry collection Running wih Light won the 2000 Judith Wright Calanthe Poetry Prize)

Ivy got married in Las Vegas

It's true: when I got her email with the subject line, "I got married in Las Vegas!" I thought ah the spammers are getting creative with their subject lines, and nearly deleted it. Yes it is true and I have a weblink to prove it.
Here is wishing Ivy Alvarez and Mark every happiness!

10 February 2004

I regret to say I have been too busy to blog: so to make up for it, here's a link to Lawrence Ferlinghetti's "Poetry as News" column! thank you for visiting this site whoever you are ... will be back soon ...

9 February 2004

Literary headlines
  • Profile of a Def Poetry Jammer [link]
  • Sequel suggestion to Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 [link] [I absolutely love this book!—Ivy]
  • Alfred Lord Tennyson's original drafts of Charge of the Light Brigade not so patriotic [link]
  • Maxine Hong Kingston reads at Berkeley Lunch Poems series [link]
  • Robert Browning friends with Darwin's niece [link]
  • Janet Frame 1924-2004 [link]

Short story competitions to enter in 2019

Thanks to the Australian Writers Centre, here's a list of s hort story competitions to enter in 2019: https://www.writerscentre.com.au/...