7 January 2004

The Write Stuff home page is a little sick at the moment, it's suffering from link overload ... I had a conversation with Coral Hull about links. I personally have come to dislike "LINKS PAGES" because they often tend to suffer from Link Rot (which sets in over time as web sites mature, and where the online routes become twisted, truncated and mangled by web site managers who do not supply links to where their new pages have spread to). Anyway it seems to Coral Hull and John Tranter that links pages are good. I am going to have a links page after listening to their arguments but will limit it to listing links pages where the links are well maintained. e..g John Tranter's site.

Now here is an argument for the case for NOT having a links page: on Coral Hull's links page, the link she has to John Tranter's web site no longer works: link rot has set in on Coral's page, and John's old site does not provide a link to his new site ...

I think the best links are golf links ... My mother, who never understood Afrikaans despite living in South Africa for many years, thought the sign posts along the roads instructing drivers to HOU LINKS meant there were invisible golf courses just out of sight around the corner ... She had no trouble with KEEP LEFT. (Are there now street signs there in each of the seven official languages? Imagine the possiblities for confusion.)

My favourite sign: Richard Tipping's danger sign that reads:
"DANGER: Postmodernism doesn't give a flying duck."
It's somewhere in Giles's study, near his hand-made notice that reads: VIKRAM SETH SLEPT HERE.

How's that for links that travel.

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