18 December 2003

Links of a literary kind

Send me your links ...

The Write Stuff web site currently has links at the foot of each page for Tasmanian literary web sites. I have gone full circle on the issue of having a separate links page. I have had such a page in the long distant past (mid to late 90s) but discontinued the links page because link-rot sets in so easily with web sites and keeping an eye on them adds to the work of a web site. But, after a long email discussion with Coral Hull, who contributed some opionion from John Tranter, I have decided to re-instate a separate web page on the The Write Stuff containing a list of selected links.

So any avid Latte Liners who are reading this, why not send me your favourite literary links? Be as eclectic and specialist as you wish, as long as the site you suggest is literary, and of some value to others writing. Ah. The email address to send them to is Anne DOT Kellas AT the-write-stuff.com.au -- thanks in advance.

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