21 November 2003

Cornford Press: RAVO, by MML Bliss

Cornford Press have announced the launch of their latest title:
by MML Bliss
136pp paperback, RRP $22.00  
ISBN 0 9581960 3 6

BOOK LAUNCH: The launch will take place at 7.30 pm on Wednesday 26 November at the Ravenswood Over 50s Club, 49 Lambert Street, Ravenswood.  The book will be launched by Dianne Brown of the Dianne Brown Pharmacy, Ravenswood. Further enquiries: email: info@cornfordpress.com or by phone or fax: (03) 6331 9658 web http://www.cornfordpress.com

" Ravo is a real place, made all the more real by MML Bliss’s imaginative portrayal of its residents, their concerns, their hopes and their struggles to survive.  This collection will remain among the most powerful depictions ever of ordinary Australians in poetry.

" MML Bliss, author of ten books of poetry, as well as a number of plays and prose works, lived in the Launceston suburb of Ravenswood for a year.  These poems are the result of her experiences and observations of life there.

" Some may find the book confronting, as it makes no attempt to glamorise or hide any aspect of life.  What you get is what is there in all its variety, but life in Ravo is no different from life in hundreds of other Australian communities.  There is the same mix of love and hate, courage and despair, weakness and strength.  The difference is that in MML Bliss Ravo has found a poet worthy of its own rich diversity."

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