4 November 2003

Arts Tasmania newsletter 3 Nov 2003:

Arts Tasmania (newsletter 3 Nov 2003) has a variety of news about successful grant applications, some of which are given below:

Ralph Wessman's Walleah Press gets $6,000 to publish of a collection of poetry ‘Head and Shin’ by Tim Thorne.

Arts Tasmania is giving the following mainland presses money to publish some Tasmanian poets thus:

Black Pepper -- $6,000 towards publishing, promotion and distribution of 'I Can Stand on My Hands, For Sure' by Adrienne Eberhard and 'Selected Poems' by Andrew Sant.

Brandl & Schlesinger Pty Ltd -- $3,000 towards promotion, printing and production costs of Sarah Day's most recent collection of poetry, 'The Ship'.

Ralph Wessman gets a further $5,100 to assist the publication of 'Famous Reporter'.

Island Magazine Inc gets $34,000 to assist the the publication of four issues.

The Tasmanian Poetry Festival Inc gets $4,000 for the annual programming of the 2004 Tasmanian Poetry Festival (well-known for its Launceston Poetry Cup).

Tasmanian poets receiving grants for other projects this coming year:

Anne Morgan -- $3,750 for a six- week residency to write a children's novel 'Felix Piper' based on the story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin set in the town and caves around the Mole Creek area.

Anne Collins -- $1,000 towards '25 years on the island' (working title), a series of personal essays about living in Tasmania.

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